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Hannah with her two sons

Many Georgians have inaccurate or uninformed ideas about who is impacted by the proposed cuts to Medicaid threatened by Congressional leaders. There are a lot of misconceptions about who receives help through Medicaid and why. Medicaid provides healthcare coverage to more than two million Georgians, including 1.3 million children across the state, and 500,000 seniors and people with disabilities. Medicaid is important to Georgians like Hannah, who has two adopted children who receive Medicaid to help pay for their psychological and physical health care needs. Hannah says that Medicaid coverage meant “we could focus all our energy on providing a loving family instead of scrambling to pay medical bills.”

Recent health care proposals considered by Congress cut and cap Georgia’s Medicaid program. While the American Health Care Act stalled in March, it may be revived and Congress may introduce new plans to cut Medicaid. We need your help to save Medicaid from these disastrous proposals, by showing your friends, neighbors, and elected officials what Georgia Medicaid really looks like. Join the #IamMedicaidGA campaign!

The campaign is designed to give you a way to change the conversation about Medicaid. It is an opportunity for individuals who receive Medicaid, their family members, their physicians and concerned Georgia citizens to show that there are real people with real needs who will be impacted by the health policy decisions made by Congress and Georgia’s state leaders.

Your photos and stories are powerful. They can help build community support and educate others about the importance of the program. We ask that everyone who participates use the hashtag #IamMedicaidGA when posting their photos to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

We also encourage you to write your personal story and submit it to us. The stories and pictures from you and other Georgians will be used to demonstrate the significance of Medicaid in our communications with lawmakers, the media, and in other publications on the topic (with your permission of course).

Join the campaign!
  1. Print this sign.
  2. Ask someone to take a picture of you holding the top half of the sheet.
  3. Post this picture on your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) with the hashtag #IamMedicaidGA.
    • You can even tweet or tag your elected officials for the biggest impact.
  4. If you would like to share your full story with us, please fill out a Share Your Story form. A member of the GHF staff will follow up with you.
  5. Share your sign with others and ask them to join the campaign!

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May 31, 2024
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Wilborn P. Nobles III

Health care researchers and advocates want Georgia to implement new policies across its health insurance system as the state concludes its yearlong process of redetermining eligibility for Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program.