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Staff and Board of Directors


Photo of Laura Colbert

Laura Colbert

Executive Director

Photo of Knetta Adkins

Knetta Adkins

Organizing Manager

Photo of Lois Hairston

Lois Hairston

Content Development Manager

Photo of Alex McDoniel

Alex McDoniel

Strategic Communications Manager

Photo of Daniel Nguyen

Daniel Nguyen

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Deanna Williams

Deanna Williams

Health Insurance Navigator

Photo of Angelica Rivera

Angelica Rivera

Health Insurance Navigator

Board of Directors

Photo of Dewanna Burke, Chair

Dewanna Burke, Chair

Account Manager, Marketing & Communications, Phoebe Health

Photo of Davida Jones, Treasurer

Davida Jones, Treasurer

Forensic Accounting Consultant

Photo of Abbie Fuksman, Secretary

Abbie Fuksman, Secretary

Health Care Executive (Retired)

Photo of Jennifer L Baugh

Jennifer L Baugh

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)

Photo of Deric Gilliard

Deric Gilliard

Photo of Berneta L. Haynes

Berneta L. Haynes

Senior Attorney

Photo of Wayne K. Hoffman, MD

Wayne K. Hoffman, MD

Family Physician (retired)

Photo of Amir Jones

Amir Jones

Certified Application Counselor

Photo of Sar Medoff

Sar Medoff


Photo of Jennifer Murphy

Jennifer Murphy

Public Health Professional

Photo of Rachel Stanley

Rachel Stanley

Nonprofit Fundraiser

Photo of Bob Trammell

Bob Trammell

Attorney and Government Relations

Photo of Grace Zoller

Grace Zoller

Government Investigations and Securities Litigation Associate