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Month: April 2010


The major overhaul of our health care system is now over a month old but it is now that the hard work really begins.  Over the next few months and even years, groups like Georgians for a Healthy Future and others will be deciphering the most complex parts of the law and translating them in to real-time useful information for you and your family.  While we’re doing that, we will try to provide you with a handful of resources that can help!  Here’s the first installment of useful tools that will help you understand the massive change that our health care system is undergoing.




Treat the poor or lose tax-exempt status, landmark case states

Guest Blog by Holly Lang, Georgia Watch

In a March ruling that could hold implications for all nonprofit hospitals, the Illinois Supreme Court stripped not-for-profit Provena Covenant Medical Center of its exemption from property tax, stating that the hospital did not provide enough charity care to justify that exemption.


A hospital earns its tax-exempt status through the benefits it provides to the community, the most of which being the free or reduced-cost care for those eligible for such assistance. Such care is deemed indigent or charity care.




The Final Seven…

Guest Blog By Timothy Sweeney
Senior Healthcare Analyst, GBPI


As we approach the final seven legislative days for 2010, there’s still a great deal of uncertainty surrounding both the schedule the General Assembly will set for themselves, as well as with the policy-related results of the session.


Still the most important task before the House and Senate – really the only thing the Legislature HAS to accomplish during the session – is the FY 2011 budget. Currently, House appropriations subcommittees are scheduled for April 12, which means we could see subcommittee budget recommendations next week and passage of the FY 2011 budget by the House later in the week.




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Apr 17, 2024
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