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Getting Georgia Covered

Coverage matters. It facilitates access to care and helps provide financial protection (and peace of mind) against high medical costs. Georgians for a Healthy Future is out in the community helping Georgians take charge of their health care and at the State Capitol advocating for quality, affordable health coverage for all Georgians. Learn more about — and get involved in — our initiatives to get Georgia covered on this page.

Closing the Coverage Gap

Veterans, working parents, and low-wage workers fall into the coverage gap between current medicaid coverage and insurance marketplace coverage Since 2013, hundreds of thousands of Georgians have signed up for low-cost health coverage. Being covered means they are less stressed, more financially secure, and healthier. This is exciting progress, yet there is still a missing piece. … Read More >

Health Insurance Outreach & Enrollment

Georgians for a Healthy Future works with community partners throughout the state to help Georgians get covered, stay covered, and use their coverage to access care. Through the Georgia Enrollment Assistance Resource Network, we work with our partners to provide tools and information to enrollment assisters and help connect them to each other. This helps us … Read More >

Affordability & Consumer Protections

Our health insurance system is rapidly changing. New coverage options and consumer protections enacted as part of the Affordable Care Act have helped hundreds of thousands of Georgians secure health insurance and have expanded the rights and protections of all covered Georgians. At the same time, new models of health insurance (such as narrow networks), industry … Read More >

Children’s Health Coverage

All kids need reliable access to quality health care. Children need to see the doctor even when they are healthy: shots for school, well-child visits, and dental care are all important for kids to grow up healthy and strong. Their parents need coverage too to stay on track with regular screenings and preventive care, to … Read More >