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Month: April 2024

GHF legislative update: Wrapping up Georgia’s 2024 legislative session

2024 Session Sine Die

The 2024 Georgia legislative session is over, but GHF is not finished!

We’ve made it to the end of the legislative session and through Sine Die (the last day of legislative session).

In this week’s update we review which notable health bills passed and which bills didn’t quite make it across the finish line, as well as the major health changes and investments in the state budget. 

You can find a full list of this year’s health care-related legislation at GHF’s legislative tracker. In May, we’ll provide one final update about the Governor’s bill signings, vetoes, or budget changes.

Did you enjoy these weekly updates from the legislative session or find them useful to your work and advocacy? Great! We enjoy putting them together for you. We hope you will consider supporting this time-intensive, detailed, and expert-driven work with a donation to GHF! Please give here (and consider making it a monthly gift because advocacy is year-round!). Thank you for your generous support. 


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