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Our Approach

Our Mission, Vision, and Values


Our mission is to collaborate with communities and partners to lead policy change that advances health equity for all Georgians. Our vision is of a day in which all Georgians have equitable opportunities to achieve their highest level of health.

Our organizational values are:

  • Equity
  • Collaboration
  • Community
  • Trust
  • Data-driven

Since our founding in 2008, Georgians for a Healthy Future has provided substantive health policy information to community leaders and organizations, individual consumers, and advocates throughout the state; conducted seminars to equip consumers with the tools to become strong advocates; successfully injected the consumer perspective into hundreds of health care stories in the media; and engaged with policymakers to spark policy change for a healthier Georgia.

GHF’s board and staff have applied proven tactics of consumer and community outreach, coalition building, strategic communications, and public policy advocacy to build a longer track record of policy wins.

Georgians for a Healthy Future is sincerely committed to the implementation of this strategic plan through 2026. Successful realization of this plan will meaningfully improve the health and well-being of Georgians and position GHF for even greater impacts in the future.