Our Approach

Our Mission, Vision, and Values


Our mission is to build and mobilize a unified voice, vision, and leadership to achieve a healthy future for all Georgians. Our vision is of a day in which all Georgians have access to the quality, affordable health care they need to live healthy lives and contribute to the health of their communities.

Our organizational values are:

  • A strong and unified voice for all health care consumers in Georgia makes our state a better place in which to live and work
  • Strong partnerships with diverse people and groups promote better health outcomes for Georgians
  • Cooperation across broad perspectives reflects the voice of Georgia health care consumers
  • Reliance on sound research and best practices leads the way to a healthier future for Georgians
  • Everyone benefits from a healthy community

Since our founding in 2008, Georgians for a Healthy Future has provided substantive health policy information to community leaders and organizations, individual consumers, and advocates throughout the state; conducted seminars to equip consumers with the tools to become strong advocates; successfully injected the consumer perspective into hundreds of health care stories in the media; and engaged with policymakers to spark policy change for a healthier Georgia.

Our three-pronged approach includes:

  1. outreach, education & engagement with consumers and communities;
  2. building and mobilizing coalitions; and
  3. public policy advocacy
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Outreach, Education & Engagement with Consumers & Communities

We organize community forums and workshops across Georgia to foster substantive local dialogue about health issues. We convene local leaders, medical providers, stakeholders, and consumers to discuss the most important health care issues facing them in their communities.

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Coalition Building: Leadership, Coordinaton, & Strategic Direction

We provide leadership, coordination, and strategic direction for a wide range of individual patient and consumer advocate organizations with missions to impact health care policy on behalf of their constituents. Learn more about our active coalitions and how your organization can participate in our Community Partner Resources section.

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Engagement with Policymakers & Public Policy Advocacy

We serve as an important resource and source of information for policymakers who make decisions that impact the lives of Georgia health care consumers, and we use our strong and effective voice to advocate for public policy change that brings us closer to our vision of a day in which all Georgians have access to quality, affordable health care. Our staff members have served on study committees, task forces, and advisory committees. We recognize the impact that policy change can have on patients and consumers and deeply engage as policy advocates on their behalf.

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Demonstrating Impact

We have become the trusted voice for consumer perspectives on health care — cited in the press hundreds of times and injecting the consumer voice into media coverage of health care issues statewide.

We have earned a seat at the table with policymakers — our staff have been appointed to commissions and task forces to bring the consumer voice to the table as elected and appointed officials make health care policy decisions.

We have successfully mobilized coalitions and achieved concrete public policy wins for Georgia consumers.

View the Our Impact page to learn more about our annual highlights and milestones.