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Consumer Tools & Resources

Do you have questions about your health insurance options, how to use your coverage, or about your rights as a consumer? Check out our resources below!

Get Insured. Stay Insured.

How do you get health insurance? Why is it necessary? Once you have health insurance, how do you use it? Can you change your plan? These are just some of the important questions you might have about health insurance.  If you're a first-time health insurance buyer, these short videos below will walk you through what you need to know to make the best choice for you and your family. Returning for a renewal? There's a video just for you! Have more questions? You can always ask!

How Health Insurance Works

How To Get Health Insurance

Why You Need Health Insurance

How To Get Your Money's Worth From Your Health Insurance

Making Sure Your Insurance Is Still A Good Fit

Get Covered Connector

The Get Covered Connector can help you locate in-person assistance with health insurance enrollment in your community.

Find local help using the Get Covered Connector

General Information (3 items) Go to Library

Get Insured. Stay Insured.
Health Insurance 411
My Health Insurance User’s Manual

How to get Insurance / Applying / Enrollment (8 items) Go to Library

Application Guide
How Much Will Health Insurance Cost You?
Enrollment Assistance Exit Form
Health Insurance & Taxes
Medicaid in Georgia
Penalties and Exemptions
Health Insurance 411
Affordable Health Care for Your Children

Using your Insurance / Post-Enrollment (5 items) Go to Library

Preventive Services
You’re Covered, Now What?
Health Insurance Complaints and Appeals
Finding a Primary Care Provider
My Health Insurance User’s Manual