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March 2023


Cover Georgia at the Georgia Capitol to advocate for Medicaid expansion

On Febraury 27, we were thrilled to have so many advocates take the time to be at Cover Georgia advocacy day at the Capitol! We had a wonderful day full of talking with elected officials and urging them to take action to expand Medicaid immediately to protect the health of and improve well-being for all Georgians. Whether you attended in person or emailed and called, you helped ensure Governor Kemp and state legislators heard from Georgians about the need to close Georgia’s coverage gap! Thank you!

Couldn’t make it to the Capitol? There are other ways to support closing Georgia’s coverage gap!

  • Share the Georgia Can’t Wait videos from Glenwood and Cuthbert, Georgia. Help others learn about the connections between rural prosperity, hospital closures, and Medicaid expansion. (We’re happy to come to your community to share and discuss the videos in person too!)
  • If you are uninsured or know someone who is, we want to help you share your story! Your voice is a powerful tool to help others understand the need for Georgia to close its coverage gap. Write or record your story at




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February 2023


February 27th: Join Cover Georgia at the Georgia Capitol to advocate for Medicaid expansion

Join Cover Georgia to ask our lawmakers to expand Medicaid so all Georgians–regardless of their income–have a pathway to health coverage. This Monday, Cover Georgia will host an advocacy day at the Georgia Capitol. The morning will begin with a training for those who want to learn more about the opportunity for Medicaid expansion in Georgia. You will learn effective advocacy skills to help you talk with your legislator and visit the Capitol to put your training into action! 

This is your chance to speak up about one of the biggest issues impacting the health of Georgians. Make your voice heard in support of Medicaid expansion in Georgia!

RSVP for 2023 Cover Georgia’s advocacy training!

Can’t make it to the Capitol this Monday? You can still let your lawmakers know that you care about this issue and you want them to take action. Take a few minutes to contact your state legislators now! Ask the House Health Committee to hear HB 62! Then ask the Senate Appropriations, Health subcommittee for a hearing on SB 24! Both bills would expand Medicaid in Georgia. Hearings give supporters and opponents a chance to publicly make their cases for or against an issue. Ask state leaders to allow a public and fair discussion of this important issue today!




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January 2023


Since 2010, 9 rural hospitals have closed in Georgia. That puts Georgia third in the nation for hospital closures behind Tennessee and Texas. Rural hospitals in states that have not expanded Medicaid to low-income adults are more likely to close, shutting off access to care for their communities.

When a hospital closes in a rural community, the effects ripple through every part of community life. The hospital’s doctors and nurses move away. Residents are left without access to emergency care and other important health services. Businesses around the hospital may close—a local pharmacy, the downtown diner, or the florist.

This year GHF documented stories from community members following two local hospital closures in Glenwood and Cuthbert, Georgia. We are humbled to share both stories with you today in two videos.

Watch the Glenwood and Cuthbert stories on our Georgia Can’t Wait page. Learn more about how communities struggle when hospitals are allowed to fail, in part because of our leaders’ refusal to expand Medicaid to their uninsured constituents.