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Track Health Legislation

The 2023 Legislative Session began on January 9, 2023. Below please find a listing of bills that Georgians for a Healthy Future is tracking during this session. New bills will be added as they are introduced. For email updates on how to stay involved sign up for action alerts.

GHF released its 2023 policy priorities at our thirteenth annual Health Care Unscrambled event. These annual priorities outline the issues that GHF believes are most pressing for Georgia consumers and are best addressed by the state legislature.

Georgians for a Healthy Future Legislative Priorities

Sort By: Bill Title Bill Status Bill Status
Community Health, Department of; mitigate potential loss of Medicaid coverage caused by discontinuation of Families First Coronavirus Response Act; provide HB 37 House Second Readers
Community Health, Department of; utilize appropriations for purposes of obtaining federal financial participation for medical assistance payments; provisions HB 38 House Second Readers
Georgia Work and Family Credit Act HB 79 House Second Readers
Georgia Work and Family Credit Act HB 79 House First Readers
Income Tax; limit eligibility for rural physician tax credit to physicians who qualify on or before December 31, 2023 HB 82 House Second Readers
Insurance; require health benefit policy coverage for bio marker testing if supported by medical and scientific evidence HB 85 House Second Readers
Revenue and taxation; consumable vapor products; increase rate of tax HB 192 House First Readers (02/02/23)
Cost and effects of smoking joint study committee HR 43 House Second Readers
Medical Assistance; program of premium assistance to enable eligible individuals to obtain health care coverage SB 17 Senate Read and Referred (1/26/23)
Surprise Billing Consumer Protection Act SB 20 Senate Read and Referred (1/26/23)
Medical Assistance; authorization of appropriations for the purposes of obtaining federal financial participation for medical assistance payments to providers of Medicaid expansion SB 24 Senate Read and Referred
Offenses Against Public Health and Morals; vaping in restricted areas is a misdemeanor punishable by fine SB 47 Senate Hopper

Legislation we’re watching

Sort By: Bill Title Bill Status Bill Status
Georgia Pro-Birth Accountability Act HB 1 House Second Readers
Behavioral Health and Development Disabilities, Department of; create and maintain electronic inpatient psychiatric bed registry; require HB 4 House Hopper (02/02/23)
Public assistance; use certain benefits for purchasing diapers or menstrual products; provide for waiver request HB 6 House Hopper (02/02/23)
Behavioral Health and Development Disabilities, Department of; establish school-linked behavioral health grant program; provide HB 7 House Hopper (02/02/23)
Education; attendance policies consider mental and behavioral health; provide HB 8 House Hopper (02/02/23)
Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, Department of; create and maintain Georgia Crisis and Access Line; statutorily require HB 9 House Hopper (02/02/23)
Labor and industrial relations; use of sick leave for care of immediate family members; extend sunset provision HB 16 House Second Readers
Georgia Remember My Life Act; enact HB 24 House Second Readers
Right to Breathe Act HB 26 House Second Readers
Mental health; emergency involuntary treatment for mental health and alcohol and drug dependency; revise procedures HB 41 House First Readers
Crimes and offenses; aggravated assault and battery of healthcare workers; expand enhanced punishment HB 46 House First Readers
Georgia Health and Economic Livelihood Partnership (HELP) Act; enact HB 62 House Hopper
Insurance; insurers providing policies for groups of 20 or more to furnish claims experience at the request of a group policyholder; require HB 63 House Second Readers
Public Health, Department of; establish grant program for physicians and nurse practitioners; provisions HB 66 House Hopper
Insurance; affordable healthcare coverage for individuals diagnosed with cardiovascular disease; provide HB 67 House Hopper
Surprise Billing Consumer Protection Act; require provider to notify a covered person if services require $100.00 or more in out-of-pocket costs HB 70 House Second Readers
Social services; Medicaid coverage for prevention and treatment of lymphedema; provide HB 74 House Second Readers
Reproductive Freedom Act; enact HB 75 House Second Readers
Paid Sick Leave Act HB 78 House Second Readers
Health; first responders of municipal fire departments may engage in emergency medical transportation of patients; provide HB 124 House Second Readers
Public assistance; expand temporary assistance for needy families eligibility criteria to pregnant women HB 129 House Second Readers
State employees; three-year pilot program to provide coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of certain pediatric disorders HB 140 House Second Readers (2/01/23)
Education; require local school systems to conduct suicide screenings on all students age eight through eighteen HB 141 House Second Readers
Community Health, Department of; include continuous glucose monitors as a pharmacy benefit for Medicaid recipients HB 143 House Second Readers (02/01/23)
Professions and businesses; definition of physical therapy to include ordering diagnostic imaging and using ultrasound HB 150 House Second Readers (02/02/23)
Mental health; notice of admission and daily updates to the parent or legal guardian of an involuntary minor patient under 12 years of age HB 172 House Second Readers (02/02/23)
Insurance; mental health parity requirements HB 184 House First Readers (02/02/23)
Georgia Dangerous Sexual Predator Prevention Act HB 188 House First Readers (02/02/23)
Undocumented Persons Family Violence Protection Act HB 194 House First Readers (02/02/23)
Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission; subject to Administrative Procedure Act and laws governing open meetings and records HB 196 House First Readers (02/02/23)
Public Health, Department of; carry out projects to increase education, awareness, or diagnosis of valvular heart disease HB 201 House First Readers (02/02/23)
Health; restrictions on sale and dispensing of contact lenses with respect to physicians HB 203 House First Readers (02/02/23)
Sales and use tax; certain absorbent diapers, undergarments, and pads HB 211 House Hopper (02/02/23)
Education; required information to parents of students regarding meningococcal meningitis and influenza and their vaccines HB 213 House Hopper (02/02/23)
Professions and businesses; authorize registered nurses and physician assistants to certify an individual is disabled for purposes of obtaining special vehicle decals HB 214 House Hopper (02/02/23)
Professions and businesses; licensure of advanced practice registered nurses HB 215 House Hopper (02/02/23)
Criminal procedure; award made from Georgia Crime Victims Emergency Fund to sexual assault survivors for medical treatment or counseling HB 216 House Hopper (02/02/23)
Evidence; sexual assault hearsay for disabled adults and 17 year olds HB 218 House Hopper (02/02/23)
Social services; treatment services under Medicaid to persons with HIV HB 226 House Hopper (02/02/23)
Penal institutions; require public disclosure of certain data pertaining to health, safety, or other conditions of detention of inmates HB 232 House Hopper (02/02/23)
Penal institutions; require certain mental illness evaluations of persons detained in a penal institution HB 234 House Hopper (02/02/23)
Penal institutions; policies for breast milk storage and breast feeding of a delivered child HB 235 House Hopper (02/02/23)
State Government; automatic repealer on the prohibition on state and local governments from requiring proof of COVID vaccination for government services; remove SB 1 Senate Committee Favorably Reported By Substitute (02/02/23)
Torts; certain immunities from liability claims regarding COVID-19; provisions; revise SB 2 Senate Read and Referred
Kathleen Cominski Act SB 9 Senate Read and Referred
Kathleen Cominski Act SB 9 Senate Read and Referred
Reproductive Freedom Act; enact SB 15 Senate Hopper
Reproductive Freedom Act; enact SB 15 Senate Read and Referred
Georgia EMS Reform Act SB 16 Senate Read and Referred (1/26/23)
Unfair Trade Practices; health care insurer from requiring an opthalmonologist or optometrist to extend any discounts on services that are not covered eye care services SB 27 Senate Read and Referred
Human Trafficking Hotline Information; model notice requirements; increase the fine for failure to comply SB 42 Senate Read and Referred
Control of Sexually Transmitted Disease; physicians and healthcare providers to test all pregnant women for HIV and syphilis at the first prenatal visit SB 46 Senate Hopper
Sales and Use Taxes; sale or use of certain menstrual products; SB 51 Senate Read and Referrred (01/31/23)
Sick Leave for Care of Immediate Family Members; sunset provision relating to such sick leave requirements SB 61 Senate Read and Referred (02/01/23)
Birth Certificate; issuance of a copy of the original birth certificate to certain adult persons who were adopted SB 64 Senate Read and Referred (02/02/23)
State Employees’ Health Insurance Plan; state health benefit plans to cover insulin medication at a reduced rate SB 76 Senate Hopper (02/02/23)
Georgia Community Midwife Act SB 81 Senate Hopper (02/02/23)
Georgia Uniform Secuirties Act of 2008 SB 84 Senate Hopper (02/02/23)
Parents and Children Protection Act of 2023 SB 88 Senate Hopper (02/02/23)
Workers’ Compensation; the time period for the dissolution of the Subsequent Injury Trust Fund SB 91 Senate Hopper (02/02/23)