Track Health Legislation

The 2021 Legislative Session began on January 11, 2021. Below please find a listing of bills that Georgians for a Healthy Future is tracking during this session. New bills will be added as they are introduced. For email updates on how to stay involved sign up for action alerts.

GHF released its 2021 policy priorities at this month’s eleventh annual Health Care Unscrambled event. These annual priorities outline the issues that GHF believes are most pressing for Georgia consumers and are best addressed by the state legislature. 

Georgians for a Healthy Future Legislative Priorities

Sort By: Bill Title Bill Status Bill Status
Individual Short-Term Health Insurance Consumer Protection Act; enact HB 39 House Prefiled
Mental Health Parity Act; enact HB 49 House Prefiled

Legislation we’re watching

Sort By: Bill Title Bill Status Bill Status
Education, Department of; develop guidelines for use of telehealth services in public schools HB 9 House Prefiled
Safe Patient Limits Act; enact HB 11 House Prefiled
Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Interstate Compact Act; enact HB 34 House Second Readers
Public buildings; indoor air quality assessments; require HB 36 House Prefiled
Public schools; operational wheelchair onsite at all times; require HB 37 House Prefiled
Health Benefit Plan Network Access and Adequacy Act; enact HB 41 House Prefiled
Education; grant program to encourage certain physicians to practice in underserved areas; create HB 42 House Prefiled
Georgia Women’s Care Act; enact HB 58 House Prefiled
New Mothers Medicaid Expansion Act; enact HB 72 House First Readers
Insurance; out-of-pocket costs for consumers requiring insulin; reduce HB 73 House First Readers
Income tax; refundable earned income tax credit; provide credit HB 95 House Hopper
Georgia All-Payer Claims Database; entities that receive certain tax credits; self-funded, employer sponsored health insurance plans are submitting entities; provide SB 1 Senate Read and Referred
Drug Abuse Treatment and Education Programs; patient brokering; prohibit; definitions; exceptions; penalties; provide SB 4 Senate Read and Referred
Professions and Businesses; patient protection measures for patients undergoing sedation in certain settings; provide SB 5 Senate Read and Referred