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GHF’s Executive Director named to study committee!

Cindy Zeldin has been appointed by Lt Governor Casey Cagle for a study committee for SR 561, the Consumer and Provider Protection Act.

CindyZeldin_Headshot - CopyGeorgians for a Healthy Future is proud to announce the appointment of our Executive Director Cindy Zeldin to the Consumer and Provider Protection Act Senate Study Committee (SR 561).

This study committee will consider a number of issues pertaining to consumer protections for health care consumers. One of the issues that is top of mind for GHF is the question of whether the provider networks that health plans have assembled are adequate to ensure that consumers have meaningful and timely access to all covered benefits. Known as network adequacy, this issue has become a hot topic over the past year. We look forward to working with the other study committee appointees to identify constructive policy approaches to ensure that Georgia health care consumers have meaningful and timely access to care, and we will keep you updated as the work of the committee progresses.

What is network adequacy?

Other members of the study committee:

Senator Dean Burke
Senator Renee Unterman
Senator Charlie Bethel
Senator Burt Jones
Manoj Shah, M.D.
Richard Smith, DDS
Mr. John Crew
Ms. Angela Waller
Ms. Cindy Zeldin
Mr. Richard Novak


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