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One Year Later: Young Adults

By Amanda Ptashkin

Earlier this month, we heard the story of Cory K, a recent college grad trying to find a job and start a career in one of the most tumultuous economic times of recent years.  Having fallen off her parents’ plan after graduation and having been denied private insurance because of a pre-existing condition, Cory was concerned about finding coverage, especially while she was looking for a job.  That changed on September 23, 2010 when the dependent care provision of the Affordable Care Act took effect and Cory was allowed back on her mother’s insurance plan.  Around that time, Cory was lucky to find a job that offered insurance but she would have to wait 6 months for the coverage to take effect.  Because of the dependent care provision, Cory has been able to rejoin her mother’s insurance plan and protect herself from unknown risks and avoid a lapse in coverage.

Moving forward giving recent graduates the peace of mind that they can get coverage even if they haven’t found a job.  Moving forward means young people know that they will never again be denied care because of pre-existing conditions or have their coverage dropped because they got too sick.   It means that every young adult will know that they will be the ones in control of their health care – not insurance companies.

As our week long look at the Affordable Care Act and what it means to Georgians comes to an end, its appropriate to look at young adults–our future generation.  The new health law will reform a system that has been flawed for generations and allow future generations an opportunity to make the most of opportunities and live long and healthy lives without the fears of the health care industry that’s plagued their parents and grandparents.  Here’s to a new day!

This week, Young Invincibles released a tool kit this week designed to help young adults figure out the best way to get covered.  To access the tool kit, click here.


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