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One Year Later: Women’s Health

By Amanda Ptashkin

While it is true that the Affordable Care Act will insure more people and stop some insidious insurance industry practices, it does so much more than that–it begins to equalize the playing field.  For women in particular, from fighting for the right to vote to fighting for pay equity, there has always been an inequity in how woman are treated and this holds true when dealing with health and health care.

Under the Affordable Care Act, moving forward, insurance companies can no longer charge a woman more just because of her gender.  She can no longer be branded as a pre-existing condition, simply because of a Caesarean section or because she was a victim of domestic violence.  It means women can no longer be dropped from their insurance because they get sick, their children can no longer be denied care because of a pre-existing condition, and women and their families can receive preventive health care without a co-pay.  To learn more about how the new health law will affect the women in your life, check out this great blog by Dr. Brandon Green with Doctors for America, “Your Mom!…And How Health Reform Helps Her Out.”

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