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Drug Abuse Treatment and Education Programs

To provide for the certification of recovery residences

Sentencing and Imposition of Pubishment

To provide for time frames for HIV testing

Private Review Agents

To provide for health insurers to implement and maintain a program that allows for the selective application of reduction in prior authorization requirements under certain circumstances

Quality Basic Education Act

To provide that the prescribed course of study in sex education and HIV prevention instruction is age appropriate and medically accurate

Insurance; revise certain tax credits

To eliminate a certain income tax deduction

Revenue and taxation; repeal certain income tax credits

To repeal certain income tax credits and to revise certain sales tax exemptions

Safer States Act

To prohibit the use of certain flame retardants

Crimes and offenses; restrictions on performance of abortions; medical oath protection clause

To enact the medical oath protection clause, to provide for review of alleged medical professional misconduct prior to adjudication

Crimes and offense; criminal abortion; immaculate conception clause

To enact the immaculate conception clause and provide for equal application and penalties

Health; provide requirements for nurse staffing in hospitals

To provide nurse staffing requirements in hospitals

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