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Medicaid and Continuous Glucose Monitors

Require continuous glucose monitors as a pharmacy benefit for those who receive Medicaid.

Licensing for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

Outline the licensing and renewal requirements and processes for advanced practice registered nurses.

Illness-Specific Insurance for First Responders with PTSD

Require illness-specific insurance for first responders with post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as change some insurance benefits for eligible first responders.

Quality Basic Education Act

This Act adds mental health screening to the physical exams required for sports in schools, as well as add in other provisions to address mental health risks for student athletes.

Time Limit On Serving Restraining and Protective Orders

Orders must be served within 24 hours of the court issuing that order.

Exam Exemptions for Certain Medical Military Personnel

Allow medical military personnel to be exempt from trainings and competency programs for certain programs like certified nursing aids, emergency medical services, and licensed practical nurses.

Medical Assistance and Step Therapy

Health benefit programs cannot impose a step therapy protocol, or require people to try alternative medications before the drug prescribed to them, for drugs prescribed to treat a serious mental illness. It also updates a law in Georgia about how insurance companies and other parties handle medical bills for people on government assistance, making sure they cooperate with the state, pay bills promptly, and share necessary information about patients.

Protecting Victims and Dismantling Georgia Street Gangs Act

Define minimum prison terms for convicted felons and certain first offender probationers that have also been charged with possession of firearms. Also include the text from HB 1264, which created a rehabilitation system for healthcare professionals.

Rehab for Healthcare Professionals

Create a professional health program to monitor and rehabilitate impaired healthcare workers.

Pilot Program for Additional Ambulances

Create a two-year pilot program to put extra ambulances in certain areas of the state.

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