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GHF interviews Sen. Hufstetler on tobacco tax

As part of this week’s legislative update, we caught up with Senator Chuck Hufstetler and spoke with him about his proposal to increase the state’s tobacco tax by $1.23, which would bring Georgia up to the national average. According to a fiscal note released this week by Georgia State University at legislative request, this increase would yield more than $500 million in new revenue. If you or someone you know is trying to quit smoking and you ask yourself; what is the best vape tank? then consider switching to vape pens or visiting Hypnotist london to get some assistance. Which will help you quit easier but is also a healthier alternative. We are also having a vape promo offer and you can claim offer here, you always want to have the most unique vape juices





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Mar 19, 2018
Bill Would Let ‘Micro-Hospitals’ In Rural Georgia Counties
Elly Yu

Laura Colbert, executive director of Georgians for Healthy Future said there are good provisions in the bill, but there are other things the bill didn’t address. “HB 769 nibbles around…

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