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Peach Pulse | New from Glenwood & Cuthbert, stay in charge of your Medicaid, HCU TY, & more!

January 2023
Since 2010, 9 rural hospitals have closed in Georgia. That puts Georgia third in the nation for hospital closures behind Tennessee and Texas. Rural hospitals in states that have not expanded Medicaid to low-income adults are more likely to close, shutting off access to care for their communities. When a hospital closes in a rural community, the effects ripple through every part of community life. The hospital’s doctors and nurses move away. Residents are left without access to emergency care and other important health services. Businesses around the hospital may close—a local pharmacy, the downtown diner, or the florist. This year GHF documented stories from community members following two local hospital closures in Glenwood and Cuthbert, Georgia. We are humbled to share both stories with you today in two videos. Watch the Glenwood and Cuthbert stories on our Georgia Can’t Wait page. Learn more about how communities struggle when hospitals are allowed to fail, in part because of our leaders’ refusal to expand Medicaid to their uninsured constituents.

Peach Pulse | HCU 2023, get covered, new illustrated resource, fall giving with GHF, & more!


December 2022


Get your tickets for HCU 2023! 

On January 10th, GHF will kick off the Georgia legislature’s health care conversations at Health Care Unscrambled 2023. Legislators, advocates, and national thought leaders will discuss legislative solutions to our state’s most pressing health issues, the health landscapes in rural and urban Georgia, and how we can work together to build a healthier future for our state.

We hope you will join GHF, our outstanding keynote speakers, and a bipartisan legislative panel for Health Care Unscrambled on Tuesday, January 10th at 7:30 am. We look forward to the in-person networking and collaboration that Health Care Unscrambled always sparks!

RSVP today to take part in this great conversation on January 10th!

Sponsorship opportunities are available.





Peach Pulse | Thank you!, HCU 2023, get covered by Dec. 15, & more!


November 2022


Thank you for your support on Giving Tuesday!

GHF asked for your support on Giving Tuesday and we couldn’t be more grateful for your generosity towards GHF! Gifts to Georgians for a Healthy Future ensure that our organization can be a strong, responsive voice for Georgia health care consumers now and in the future. Your support activates a network of health advocates across the state in support of policies that protect and promote the health and well-being of every Georgian.

Thank you!

Didn’t get a chance to donate on Tuesday? You still can! Together we can build a healthy, equitable Georgia!





Peach Pulse | HCU 2023, get covered, new illustrated resource, fall giving with GHF, & more!


October 2022


Health Care Unscrambled is back in person on January 10th!

Please join Georgians for a Healthy Future for our 13th annual Health Care Unscrambled!

Health Care Unscrambled is a special, annual opportunity for health advocates and stakeholders to hear from state policymakers about what they plan to tackle in the year ahead, and to better understand the health experiences of Georgia consumers. After two years of virtual programs, we look forward to the in-person networking and collaboration that Health Care Unscrambled always sparks!

Please plan to attend on Tuesday, January 10th for Health Care Unscrambled 2023! RSVP today! We look forward to seeing you there.

Sponsorship opportunities are available.




Peach Pulse | Suicide Prevention, new public health training, housing survey, & more!






Recognize Suicide Prevention Awareness Month with GHF on Facebook TODAY!

Georgians for a Healthy Future will discuss suicide awareness and prevention on FaceBook TODAY, September 28th, at 1pm! Deanna Williams and Knetta Adkins will be joined by Miriam Goodfriend, Advocacy Coordinator at the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Georgia, to discuss mental health resources and information.

Their engaging conversation will cover taboos related to suicidality and how Georgians can increase access to mental health resources in their communities.They will also discuss a special open enrollment period to help more Georgians get health insurance, which covers mental health as an essential health service.

Tune in today, September 28th, at 1pm to GHF’s Facebook page!

Thank you for coming to GHF’s Family & Friends Reunion! 

Almost two weeks ago, the GHF team, our colleagues, partners, and supporters came together to reconnect at GHF’s Family & Friends Reunion. Against a city sunset, we shared advocacy ideas, kicked off GHF’s new strategic plan, and enjoyed each other’s company.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend and participate in this fun evening! We would also like to thank our generous sponsors for supporting this summer celebration. Our year-round advocacy is stronger because of your partnerships and gifts. Thank you!







Peach Pulse | Breastfeeding, Family & Friends Reunion, 10 years without Medicaid expansion, & more!


August 2022







Recognize Breastfeeding Awareness Month with GHF on Facebook Live tomorrow!

Georgians for a Healthy Future will discuss breastfeeding and maternal health on FaceBook Live this Wednesday, August 31st, at noon! Deanna Williams, Health Insurance Navigator, and Knetta Adkins, Organizing Manager, will be joined by Patricia Prime, Owner of Prime BabyTime Consulting, to discuss breastfeeding resources and information.

Their energizing conversation will cover racial disparities in breastfeeding, highlight the current infant formula shortage and Georgia’s response, and other aspects of infant and maternal health.  They will also discuss what mothers and parents need to know about health insurance, and a special open enrollment period to help more Georgians get covered.

Tune in tomorrow, August 31st, at 12pm to GHF’s Facebook page!

Only two weeks to go until GHF’s Friends & Family Reunion! Will you be there? 

GHF has seen your virtual advocacy and felt your support since March 2020, but we’ve missed being together with our friends, colleagues, supporters, and partners. We are inviting you to reconnect with us and see some familiar faces at GHF’s Friends & Family Reunion event on Thursday, September 15th!

Join us as we take in sky line views of atlanta, sip refreshing mocktails and cocktails from TippyTap’s Italian beverage mini-truck, and snack on appetizers from one of Atlanta’s favorite taco makers. Catch up with advocacy leaders, public health professionals, policy makers, and our GHF team.

Our board and staff have welcomed new members, we’re kicking off a new strategic plan, and we’re just as dedicated as ever to building a healthy, equitable Georgia. We hope to see you soon as we celebrate our new directions and reconnect with our favorite colleagues.

Attendance is free, and your donations are appreciated. Thank you to our generous sponsors!




Peach Pulse | Medicaid b-day, GHF’s new strategic plan, Friends & Family Reunion, Pride Month conversation, & more!



Join GHF in celebrating the 57th anniversary of Medicaid! 

Georgians for a Healthy Future celebrates the 57th anniversary of Medicaid this Saturday, July 30th! Fifty-seven (57) years ago Medicaid was signed into law and since then has worked to provide affordable health care coverage to low-income children, pregnant people, people with disabilities, and seniors. One of Medicaid’s biggest lifetime achievements has been to narrow racial disparities in health care access all across the country.

GHF continues to fight for Medicaid expansion in throughout Georgia so that all Georgians receive the health care they rightfully deserve! While we continue to advocate for the Georgia adults who have been left behind by state leaders, let us take this day to celebrate all Medicaid has done for our state and will hopefully do in the future. Tune into GHF’s Facebook and Twitter page to join in on the celebration of this monumental day! 

What is Medicaid doing for Georgians families? 

Hear from Hannah, a Georgia mother on how Medicaid helped her family afford the proper care when adopting their two sons. Watch here! 



Peach Pulse | Tomorrow’s pride month convo., Cover Georgia survey, Save the Date: summer fundraiser & more!




Join GHF in celebrating Pride Health Month via Facebook Live! 

Georgians for a Healthy Future will host a Pride Month discussion on FaceBook Live TODAY, June 29th, at 12pm. Treylin Cooley, GHF’s Health Insurance Navigator, will be joined by George Dingle, WeRU radio host, and Nathan Towndson, HIV advocate and Ryan White Planning Council representative, to highlight the intersection of Pride month and Men’s Health Awareness month.

Their energizing conversation will inform audiences about PRIDE and men’s health month, while highlighting resources that provide support for LGBTQIA+ community and men’s services program in Dekalb County. The group will also discuss a new special enrollment period to help more Georgians get covered, and identify how insured and uninsured Georgians can access mental health services.

Tune in TODAY, June 29th, at 12pm to GHF’s Facebook page!



Peach Pulse | Tomorrow’s mental health convo., free policy workshop, volunteer with GHF & more!


May 2022


Join GHF in celebrating Mental Health Month via Facebook Live! 

Georgians for a Healthy Future will host a Mental Health Awareness Month discussion on FaceBook Live tomorrow, May 25th. GHF’s Knetta Adkins, Deanna Williams, and Treylin Cooley will be joined by joined by Camila Gomez, Center for Pan Asian Community Services, Inc. (CPACS) and Tom Lui, DLWellness, LLC to highlight the intersection of MH Awareness Month and Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Their energizing conversation GHF will highlight a new Georgia law that improves insurance coverage for mental health and substance use disorders. The group will also discuss a new special enrollment period to help more Georgians get covered, and identify how insured and uninsured Georgians can access to mental health services.

Tune in tomorrow, May 25th, at 12pm to GHF’s Facebook page!

GHF also celebrated Mental Health Awareness Month at two other events. We were so pleased to participate in Children’s Mental Health Day at the Capitol and the Rosalyn Carter Georgia Mental Health Forum. We are happy to continue the incredible mental health advocacy from the legislative session through May and through many months to come.




Peach Pulse | Join GHF’s housing leadership group, how a tax credit impacts health, share your health care story & more!


APRIL 2022



Join GHF’s housing leadership group now! 

Georgians for a Healthy Future is looking for people with developmental disabilities (DD) and family members/caregivers of people with DD to help lead a new project. The project, funded by the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities, aims to improve housing and support services for Georgians with DD by researching current barriers to housing and potential policy solutions to address these barriers.

Leadership group members will help direct the project. Your input will ensure that the research is accessible and representative of Georgians with DDs. Members will help decide what we ask Georgians with DD about housing, help GHF interpret the survey results, and share the results with their communities.

Each member will be asked to participate in one 2-hour meeting per month. The meetings will begin in May 2022 and end in spring 2023. Each member will receive $25 for every meeting they attend.

If you think you would be a good fit for the leadership group, please fill out this form to learn more. If you know someone that you think would be a good fit, please share!