Peach Pulse | Crossover Day is here! Public health workers speak out, & more!


Today marks Crossover Day, a pivotal point in Georgia’s legislative session where bills must be approved by their originating chamber. Once approved, the bills move across the Capitol to the other chamber. Bills that fail to pass out of their chamber of origin by the end of Crossover Day are unlikely to become law this session. (There are occasional exceptions to this rule.)

In the remaining days of the session, GHF will continue to advocate for closing the coverage gap, among other issues. Earlier this week HB 1339 was passed by the House and has moved on to the Senate chamber. This legislation – while primarily focused on the state’s certificate of need program for hospitals – includes a provision that would establish a Comprehensive Health Coverage Commission to explore closing Georgia’s coverage gap in the 2025 or 2026 legislative session.

While HB 1339 signals legislative interest in finding a solution, lawmakers have the power to close the coverage gap right now. Delaying access to health care for hardworking Georgians is costly for families, harms the state’s workforce, and strains rural hospitals. Rather than agreeing to study the issue, lawmakers should work together to pass legislation that allows Georgia to close the coverage gap this year. Contact your Senator today and urge them to close the coverage gap now!  (See our full action alert in the next section below.)

With four weeks remaining in the session, committees are working quickly to hear and vote on legislation. Expect a lot of activity today, and be sure to look out for updates about health and housing legislation in our email update this Monday.




Thank you again for your support and your advocacy! 

We continue to extend our gratitude to the health care professionals, patients, and advocates who joined us for Cover Georgia’s advocacy day at the Capitol earlier this week! Advocates spent their time talking with elected officials and urging them to take action to close the coverage gap immediately to protect the health of all Georgians. Whether you attended in person or emailed or called your elected officials, you helped ensure lawmakers heard from Georgians about the need to close Georgia’s coverage gap! Thank you!

Couldn’t make it to the Capitol on Monday? You can still make your voice heard!

Let your Senator and Governor Kemp know that you care about closing Georgia’s coverage gap and you want them to take action during this legislative session by modifying HB 1339 by including language that will close the coverage gap now! Take a few minutes to contact them about why this issue matters to you.

  1. Find and call your state Senator here. Call the last two officials on the page. (Please be polite when you speak with your elected officials or their staff.) Not sure what to say? We’ve got you covered–just click here.
  2. Email your state Senator. Urge them to close Georgia’s Medicaid coverage gap during this legislative session.

Once you’ve contacted your elected officials, get loud on social media! Click here to access sample social media graphics and more to engage Georgians with messages about how closing Georgia’s coverage gap will benefit Georgia.



What do public health workers have to say about the state of public health in Georgia?

GHF recently released a blog that explores the state’s public health system from the perspectives of Georgia’s public health workers. The blog discusses findings from focus groups with rural and nonrural public health workers.

Through these focus groups, GHF learned about how public health workers view their work, the variety and quality of services their agencies provide, barriers to public health services that community members may experience, and challenges with staffing, funding, and sustaining public health services across the state.

You can read more about what these incredible public health workers had to say here. 

GHF is using this information to encourage state leaders to adequately fund and support public health in Georgia. We will only be successful if leaders know that Georgians like you care about this issue. Show your support for public health workers, programs, and agencies here in Georgia by signing our Say “Yes” for Public Health’ petition and sharing the petition with others in your community!




Laura Colbert named as a 2024 Consumer Liaison Representative to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners!

GHF’s Executive Director, Laura Colbert, has been appointed as a Consumer Liaison Representative for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). The NAIC’s Consumer Liaison program enables health care consumers and patient advocates from around the country to provide input from the consumer perspective as state insurance regulators work to oversee insurance products and protect insurance consumers. Having representation from Georgia’s health advocacy community in this program helps to ensure the voices of health care consumers in Georgia are heard as important decisions about health insurance and consumer protections are made.

Read more about Laura’s appointment here.






One person’s story has the power to transform a decade of resistance into a resounding ‘yes’ for closing the gap. Our fellow Georgians and our lawmakers need to hear about your health challenges and victories.

Experiences like yours let lawmakers know what’s working, and what’s not, in our health care system. Your story shows our leaders why we need to change laws & policies so that health care is more affordable, accessible, and benefits our communities. Let our GHF team work with you to share your health care story.

We’re particularly interested in hearing from you if you are uninsured, enrolled in health insurance through, have or had medical debt, or have Medicaid coverage.

We now have a new way to submit your story! Text your story! Text “MedEx” to “52886” to begin sharing your story.

We welcome all stories, so don’t be shy! Share your story now! Write or record your story here. Story sharers may be paid for their time.



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