Peach Pulse | Upcoming celebrations: Nat’l Public Health Week + Medicaid Awareness Month, wrapping up leg. session & more!


March 2023


Cover Georgia at the Georgia Capitol to advocate for Medicaid expansion

On Febraury 27, we were thrilled to have so many advocates take the time to be at Cover Georgia advocacy day at the Capitol! We had a wonderful day full of talking with elected officials and urging them to take action to expand Medicaid immediately to protect the health of and improve well-being for all Georgians. Whether you attended in person or emailed and called, you helped ensure Governor Kemp and state legislators heard from Georgians about the need to close Georgia’s coverage gap! Thank you!

Couldn’t make it to the Capitol? There are other ways to support closing Georgia’s coverage gap!

  • Share the Georgia Can’t Wait videos from Glenwood and Cuthbert, Georgia. Help others learn about the connections between rural prosperity, hospital closures, and Medicaid expansion. (We’re happy to come to your community to share and discuss the videos in person too!)
  • If you are uninsured or know someone who is, we want to help you share your story! Your voice is a powerful tool to help others understand the need for Georgia to close its coverage gap. Write or record your story at



GHF at the Capitol 

As the 2023 legislative session comes to an end, GHF continute to speak up for the health and well-being of all Georgians. Don’t miss GHF’s last legislative updates to see what gets done and what’s left unfinished in this year’s legislative session.

Here’s what we worked on so for this session:

  • SB 65 would move Georgia’s health insurance marketplace from (which is managed and run by the federal government) to a state-based marketplace (SBM). GHF testified that there are many trade-offs to be considered when establishing an SBM. You can watch GHF’s 3-minute testimony here and the full committee hearing hereGHF and partner groups also sent a letter to legislators that encouraged them to commit meaningful funding to local consumer outreach and assistance. This kind of investment would prevent coverage losses and set the SBM up for the greatest success.
  • HB 520 seeks to build on last year’s sweeping Georgia Mental Health Parity ActGHF testified in support of the bill, offered suggestions to legislators to strengthen it, and issued several action alerts to help combat the stigma that slowed its progress.
  • GHF testified in support of SB 47, which prohibits vaping in the same places that smoking is prohibited under Georgia law.
  • SB 20, called the CATCH Act, is Senator Kirkpatrick’s network adequacy bill. GHF offered testimony in support of strengthening Georgia’s network adequacy standards and protecting consumers from high costs when they are forced to see an out-of-network provider.
  • GHF issued action alerts for, weighed in with legislators, and tracked many other bills. Some of those bills included expanding health coverage for Georgians living with HIV (HB 226); defending against attacks on health care for young people who are transgender or nonbinary (SB 140); improving Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) (HB 129); increasing tobacco and vaping taxes (HB 191 and HB 192); establishing a commission to reduce and eliminate the waiting list for home- and- community-based services for Georgians with disabilities (SB 198); and others.

Follow GHF’s legislative tracker and read our weekly legislative updates to follow the action under the Gold Dome.


Celebrate National Public Health Week by saying “Yes!”

Georgia’s public health system and workforce are fundamental to the welfare of Georgians—as we all learned during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the last two years, Georgia’s public health workers and agencies have heroically responded to a global crisis by focusing on our health, and they did it largely without adequate support, resources, or staff. This monumental response effort has left public health in need of attention. That’s why GHF and our partners are leading an initiative to support, invest, and rebuild public health in Georgia! Join us and say “YES” to public health here!Show your support for public health in Georgia during National Public Health Week! Ahead of next week’s celebrations, stand with GHF and Georgians across the state as we advocate for a strong, resilient public health system and workforce. With your support, we can build the public health system and workforce that Georgians need and deserve—one that is grounded in science, built on partnerships, and focused on results!

April is Medicaid Awareness Month!

Medicaid has been a fundamental part of Georgia’s health care system for 54 years. Medicaid covers half of Georgia kids, half of births in the state, and three out of four Georgians in long-term care (like nursing homes). Without Medicaid, many Georgia families would have no access to affordable, quality health care.

This month, we’re raising awareness about Medicaid renewals, which are re-starting this weekend. Starting April 1st, Georgia will begin checking who is still eligible for Medicaid or PeachCare for Kids coverage. During this time, Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids members may be asked to provide more information or complete certain steps. It is very important to respond to these requests. The requests will be sent in the mail or to your email. That’s why it’s so important to update your contact information at!

The steps you take now will help you stay in charge of your Medicaid coverage. Give yourself and your family the best chance of continuing to see the doctor, get prescriptions, and stay healthy. Visit today! 

Not a Medicaid member? This is an all-hands-on-deck effort! Print and share this flier in places that families visit in your community. (Libraries, playgrounds, schools, and food banks are good places to start!) Use and share this grassroots toolkit to activate others in your community.





















Don’t stress! You can still apply for coverage in some circumstances.

If you need help with the Medicaid renewal process or have a life event that impacts your health insurance, GHF is here to help. We can answer questions about Medicaid, PeachCare, and private health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. We can also help you navigate the renewal or application processes.

Have questions or need help? Connect with health insurance navigator Deanna Williams at or (470) 654-5509.

More information is available on GHF’s Get Help with Health Insurance webpage.
















Share your health care story now! 

Your story matters and we are here to amplify yours. Our fellow Georgians and our lawmakers need to hear about your health challenges and victories.

Experiences like yours let lawmakers know what’s working, and what’s not, in our health care system. Your story shows our leaders why we need to change laws & policies so that health care is more affordable, accessible, and benefits our communities. Let our GHF team work with you to share your health care story.

We’re particularly interested in hearing from you if you are uninsured, enrolled in health insurance through, have or had medical debt, or have Medicaid coverage.

This year GHF documented stories from community members following two local hospital closures in Glenwood and Cuthbert, Georgia. We are humbled to share both stories with you today in two videos.

Watch the Glenwood and Cuthbert stories on our Georgia Can’t Wait page. Learn more about how communities struggle when hospitals are allowed to fail, in part because of our leaders’ refusal to expand Medicaid to their uninsured constituents.

We welcome all stories, so don’t be shy! Share your story now! Write or record your story here.



Kaiser Permanente awards $600,000 in grants to 10 rural Georgia hospitals
The Atlanta Journal Constitution | March 4, 2023


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