Peach Pulse: September 6, 2012

An opportunity to cover Georgians and improve access to care

Today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution features an op-ed from Georgians for a Healthy Future’s Executive Director in support of expanding Medicaid to cover the uninsured and improve access to care in Georgia. Zeldin writes, “Covering the lowest-income uninsured through Medicaid will provide access to basic prevention and treatment services that uninsured Georgians lack today.” The benefits also go far beyond covering an estimated 650,000 uninsured Georgians. Expanding Medicaid will strengthen our state’s health care delivery system and bolster Georgia’s economy by bringing new resources into Georgia.  “We have an unprecedented opportunity to improve the health of Georgia patients and consumers, strengthen our state’s health care delivery system, and bolster the state’s economy by moving forward with the Medicaid expansion.”  To read the full op-ed, click here.

Cover Georgia

The next big opportunity to improve access to care for hundreds of thousands of Georgians will be deciding whether Georgia should move forward with the Medicaid expansion.  Georgians for a Healthy Future has begun work on building a large-scale, statewide coalition that will help make the case that this is good for consumers, good for the health care infrastructure and good for the economy.  We are in the process of reaching out to partner organizations, civic groups, community leaders, etc. to join our efforts.  If you are interested in getting involved in this discussion, please email us.

Capturing the Moment: An Evening with Georgians for a Healthy Future

Last month Georgians for a Healthy Future held a cocktail reception and fundraiser at Nelson Mullins to bring together our partners, our champions and our allies to celebrate our health care victories over the past three years and to plan for the future.  We are grateful to those who attended and contributed to the future of our organization.  To see pictures from the event, click here.  To support our efforts, click here.