Peach Pulse, May 2015

Open Enrollment 2 Analysis

May was all about analyzing the second open enrollment period.  What went well, what can be improved on and how Georgia did.  GHF staff interviewed health care enrollment assisters across the state and combined that with a detailed analysis of the numbers to put together Getting Georgia Covered: Lessons Learned, Best Practices, and Policy Recommendations from the Second Open Enrollment Period.  

The report covers how new health insurance opportunities created through the Affordable Care Act (ACA ) have led to historic reductions in the nation’s uninsured rate. Here in Georgia, more than half a million consumers signed up for health insurance during the open enrollment period that ended this past February, known as OE 2.

These strong enrollment numbers mean that more Georgia consumers can access the health care services they need and enjoy enhanced financial security for themselves and their families. The reduction in our state’s uninsured rate, although smaller than that of the nation as a whole, also has positive implications for the vitality of local health care systems and communities throughout Georgia.

Too many Georgians, however, remain uninsured, either because

  • they are unaware that there are coverage options that can meet their needs and budget
  • face cultural, linguistic, financial, or other barriers to coverage; or
  • fall into the “coverage gap” that was created when Georgia declined to expand Medicaid as authorized under the ACA

The goals of this report are

  • to explain the role of in-person assistance on enrollment outcomes and consumers’ experiences
  • to explore best practices that helped achieve robust enrollment in Georgia
  • to identify any common challenges or barriers to enrollment that Georgia consumers faced during OE2
  • to highlight promising strategies and approaches to reach the remaining uninsured who qualify for affordable health insurance
  • to put forth policy recommendations that can help facilitate a positive experience for health care consumers, both for those who are newly enrolled and for those who remain uninsured.
Georgia OE2 by the Numbers GHF_enrollment_sticker


Getting Georgia Covered Event

On May 13, GHF hosted a lunch panel discussion on best practices, lessons learned, and policy recommendations from the second open enrollment period.  During the event, GHF released it’s new report on the topic.  You can download it here.

IMG_7809 IMG_3029

To see additional pictures from the even, please visit our facebook page!

Additional Resources from the event:

Whitney Girggs’s Presentation – GHF

Dante McKay’s Presentation – Enroll America

Lisa Stein’s Presentation – Seedco

Sarah Sessoms’s Presentation – InsureGA



Enroll America: Danté McKay, Georgia State Director

Georgians for a Healthy Future: Whitney Griggs, Consumer Education Specialist

US Department of Health & Human Services: Dr. Pamela Roshell, Region 4 Director

InsureGA: Sarah Sessoms, Executive Director

SEEDCO:  Lisa Stein, Vice President Work and Family Supports

GHF in the News!


From the end of open enrollment to the looming King v Burwell decision to the ongoing need to close Georgia’s coverage gap, health policy continues to dominate the headlines, and GHF is at the forefront of the conversation! Check out the news coverage below to learn more about what’s happening in Georgia and how it impacts health care consumers in our state.




Open Enrollment Success, Lessons Learned, and Policy Recommendations

Whitney Griggs, a consumer education specialist with Georgians for a Healthy Future, speaks on A Closer Look with Rose Scott and Denis O’Hayer about the recently approved FLEX bus serving Cobb communities. (Photo/Brenna Beech)

Whitney Griggs, a consumer education specialist with Georgians for a Healthy Future, speaks on A Closer Look with Rose Scott and Denis O’Hayer about the recently approved FLEX bus serving Cobb communities. (Photo/Brenna Beech)

Click the articles below to learn more about what worked well for consumers, what challenges and barriers they still face, and what changes can be made at both the community and policy levels to connect Georgians to health coverage and make sure that coverage translates to meaningful access to care.


Op-ed in the AJC

CindyZeldin_Headshot - CopyA road to health coverage for Georgians

“More than a half-million Georgians signed up for health coverage during the Affordable Care Act open enrollment period that ended in February. Many were previously uninsured. These robust enrollment figures show Georgia consumers strongly value health insurance and the access to care and financial security it can bring. An unmet demand is finally being met.

To gain a better understanding of this enrollment success story and what’s next for Georgia’s newly covered consumers, Georgians for a Healthy Future reached out to the enrollment assistance community – health insurance navigators and certified application counselors – and reviewed available data on plan offerings, premiums and enrollment. Three key themes emerged.”

Read the complete article

King v. Burwell

suprme court“We can’t just close the door on hundreds of thousands of Georgians who finally had it opened for them.” Sometime in the next few weeks, the U.S. Supreme Court will hand down its decision in King v. Burwell, the high profile case that could place health coverage at risk for an estimated 430,000 Georgia consumers. Georgians for a Healthy Future has been monitoring the case closely and talked to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the need for Georgia policymakers to step in if the court rules for the plaintiff. This story was featured on today’s front page.

430,000 Georgians could lose Obamacare insurance – AJC

Medicaid Experiment

CindyThere have been several news stories over the past couple of weeks about a Medicaid pilot project under consideration by state policymakers. WSB-TV sat down with Georgians for a Healthy Future’s Executive Director last week to talk about whether this policy discussion brings us a step closer to closing the coverage gap in Georgia. Georgia Health News, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and Georgia Report are all tracking the issue. Click below for media reports featuring GHF and our partners!

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