Peach Pulse | COVID-19 vaccines, telehealth, & health care for low-wage Georgia workers, plus more!

Despite incredible challenges, the GHF team achieved tremendous success in 2020 and we’re excited to share these accomplishments with you! In our 2020 annual report, we tell the stories of three key initiatives, why your support mattered, and how our work moved Georgia towards a healthier, more equitable future!

We hope you will read and share GHF’s efforts to amplify the voices of Georgians on urgent health issues. We invite you to celebrate our 2020 accomplishments and supporting our continued efforts with a recurring or one-time donation. Thank you!

Navigating health care and coverage in Georgia

Medicaid provides health insurance to many different Georgians. including those living with disabilities. Our latest blog features a first-hand account from a Georgia mother whose 9-year-old daughter, Amelia, is covered by Medicaid. Her daughter was diagnosed with Ataxic Cerebral Palsy at 18 months. Since her diagnosis, the two have navigated challenging care and coverage issues. Their experiences highlight a number of the policy and advocacy issues that GHF works hard to address: Medicaid, difficulty finding health care providers, the role of public health in Georgia, and support for caregivers.

Learn more about Amelia and her family’s experience navigating Medicaid in Georgia.





I got my shot!

If you’re looking to be on trend, healthy, and smart this summer then it’s time to talk about COVID-19 vaccines! In our latest blog, GHF’s Communications & Special Projects Manager, Michelle Conde shares her experience and why she recommends others get vaccinated too.

Visit our blog to read more about Michelle’s vaccination experience!

¡Visite nuestro blog para leer más sobre la experiencia de vacunación de Michelle!









New! Analysis from GHF on telehealth & broadband

Through our Georgians in the Driver’s Seat initiative, GHF and The Arc Georgia found that transportation and internet access are two closely related social determinants of health. When one or both are available, access to health care can be easy and when they are missing, Georgians struggle to access health services.

Our newest report, Telemedicine and broadband internet access: A tool, not a cure to transportation-related barriers to care reflects on the expansion of telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic, its role in reducing transportation-related barriers to health care, and policies needed to physically and digitally connect consumers to care.

Read and share the new report to learn more about the intersection of health transportation and internet access.











Medicaid expansion: For Georgia’s essential & rural workers

A new report from Georgetown University’s Center for Children and Families (CCF) adds more fuel to the push for Medicaid expansion in Georgia! CCF found that cashiers, cooks, maids and housekeeping staff, waiters/waitresses, and freight and stock laborers are among the most common jobs held by low-wage, uninsured Georgia workers. The report also features an interactive map showing that the rate of uninsured workers in each Georgia county and that rural counties would benefit from most from Medicaid expansion. Check it out at and share!

Cover Georgia has added another great resource to its blog: an easy-to-understand explanation of the new financial deal available to our state for Medicaid expansion. In addition to the 601 studies proving that Medicaid expansion is a good choice for Georgia, our state can now earn $1.3 Billion by covering low-income workers, parents, veterans, and other adults. That amount would cover the costs of Medicaid expansion for 2 years and leave our state with significant savings to put towards other priorities. Take action by learning and sharing why Medicaid expansion is a deal too good to pass up!












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