Peach Pulse, April 2015

Coverage Gap Update

While Georgia has made little progress on closing its coverage gap, the subject is a hot topic elsewhere.

  • Montana has closed its coverage gap! As the 29th state to close the gap, Montana will provide 70,000 Montanans with quality, affordable health care coverage.  The state is currently working with CMS to gain approval for its expansion proposal.
  • Face Off in Florida–The debate over closing the coverage gap is as hot as sunburnt skin after spring break! Floridians have seen a sudden and unexpected adjournment of the legislative session, a stand-off with HHS over the low-income pool (LIP), and their governor file suit against the federal government.  The debate is far from over as the legislature plans to reconvene in June to complete their legislative responsibilities.
  • Policy makers in both Alaska and Louisiana are discussing if and how to close their coverage gaps.  While their legislators debate whether or not to close the coverage gap during a special session, polls show that Alaskans are hugely in favor of the policy.  In Louisiana, Gov. Jindal remains opposed to the idea of closing his state’s coverage gap, but legislators are discussing their options.

While Montana closes its gap and other states think through their options, more and more studies are revealing that closing the coverage gap is good for states! It saves money in state budgets and facilitates job growth, especially in the health care sector.  Families USA summarized the new data in a recent blog post.

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Need help enrolling or using your insurance?Pranaya Navigating

Pranay Rana, GHF’s health care navigator, is here to help you get covered!  Email Pranay for an appointment or check out his schedule.

Once you have health insurance, Whitney Griggs, our Consumer Education Specialist, can help answer the questions you have about finding a provider, accessing preventive services, filing a complaint or appeal, or any other question you may have!

Whitney and Pranay are both available to make educational presentations to community-based organizations in Georgia about how to enroll in health insurance and how to use coverage to access care once enrolled. If your organization would like to provide this type of presentation for your community members, please let us know! We can help!


Tax time special enrollment period a success!


taxesThe last chance to sign up for health insurance this year under the Affordable Care Act ended in April, when an extended deadline for enrollment expired.  The extension was offered to give consumers who did not know they would owe a penalty if they did not have health insurance an additional opportunity to secure coverage. Thousands took advantage of the extension and, as of April 13th, about 68,000 people had signed up nationwide under the extension.  Call centers had an average wait time of 10 minutes, showing consistent traffic.  GHF’s navigator personally assisted over 30 people during the special enrollment period!

While the next open enrollment period doesn’t begin until Nov. 1, 2015 you may qualify for a special enrollment period throughout the year.  For example, losing your health coverage because of the loss of a job, getting married, having a baby, or moving to a different state that does not offer your current plan could trigger eligibility for a special enrollment period.

If you have questions about owing a fine or special enrollment periods, please reach out to Whitney Griggs, our Consumer Education Specialist, today!

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Hear from an expert panel on best practices and lessons learned  during the second open enrollment period. We’ll learn about the successful strategies that enrollment assisters deployed in helping consumers, identify the challenges and barriers that remain for consumers, and discuss policy recommendations that can help get more Georgians covered. This is a free event.

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Legislative Webinar 4-15 (2)Changes in Health Care and Policy in the 2015 Georgia Legislative Session: Webinar

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ICYMI: Social Media Trends

ACA Celebrate#betterwithobamacare was trending on Twitter as we celebrated five years of the increased coverage and security that’s come with the Affordable Care Act.

#getcovered and #staycovered were the battle cry of OE2.  Follow those hashtags to stay on top of the enrollment movement!