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Post-Election GEAR





Georgians for a Healthy Future is collecting stories of consumers that have enrolled in ACA coverage or benefited from other components of the law to show policy makers how important coverage is. Please encourage the people that you enroll to share their story by reaching out to Whitney at 404-567-5016.







Given the results of the national election, we know that many organizations focused on helping Georgians enroll in health coverage made available by the Affordable Care Act are uncertain about the future availability of coverage. So we thought it was important to take a moment to provide you with some things to remember and talking points you can use when speaking with Georgians who are worried about their coverage.

Things community organizations and enrollment assisters should keep in mind:

  • Open enrollment for 2017 continues with the same deadlines for coverage in place for 2017. Georgians will have coverage through 2017.
  • We do not expect a rapid change that would leave millions without coverage or care, and would hit the insurance industry and health care providers hard as well. One of the hallmarks of out American political system is the peaceful transition of power. Sweeping, overnight changes are not the norm in U.S. government.
  • While we must wait for more details of the new administration’s health care plan, the president-elect’s campaign platform called for “repeal & replace.” As a candidate, he indicated that he wants every American to be covered.
  • Increasing access to health care for all Georgians remains a core value for all of us who work in the health sphere. We will continue to advocate for consistent access to affordable preventive, primary, and specialty care for all.
  • As people that see the benefits of the ACA and health coverage, we encourage you to work with consumers to share their stories. You can go here to complete the story collection form and someone from GHF will follow up.


Talking points your organization can use when speaking to consumers:

  • Given the election results, we know there is a lot of uncertainty about the status of the Affordable Care Act.
  • But there is one thing we know – millions of people, like you, need health care coverage.
  • The marketplace remains open for business and in-person help and financial assistance are available to Georgians who need them for 2017.
  • The best thing Georgians who are in need of health care can do is to enroll in the Marketplace. Enrollment tells our elected officials that Americans value and need quality, affordable health care.
  • If you enroll by December 15th, your coverage will begin January 1st. Navigators and assisters are available to talk with you about your options, compare plans and see if you qualify for financial help in paying for your health care.




We have seen an unprecedented interest in enrollment the past few weeks, so we want to make sure that enrollment assisters have all of the resources they need to meet the demand! You can find the full suite of GEAR materials on our website, including handouts, pre-made presentations, and educational materials. If you have any questions or would like more information on available resources, please reach out to Whitney.