GEAR Newsletter: February, 2016


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Congratulations to All!

OE-3 ended with a tremendous success with 12.7 million consumers enrolled nationally and 587,845 enrolled in Georgia.We would love to hear some success stories from the GEAR network! If you have a success story that you would like to share, email Pranay!


Helping Consumers Use Their Coverage

Now that Open Enrollment is over, you can focus on helping the newly insured understand how to use their coverage and navigate any issues they may have. GHF has created a variety of resources to do just this! Some of these resources are highlighted below, and you can find more on our website.

So You’re Covered, Now What?

How to Find a Primary Care Provider

Preventive Services

Appeals and Complains

Health Insurance and Taxes


SEP Screening Gets Tighter!

On February 24th CMS announced The New Special Enrollment Confirmation Process. Consumers in 38 states using, including Georgia, will now be required to provide sufficient proof to the marketplace to determine their SEP eligibility. This will certainly add more work at the consumers’ end and may limit SEP enrollments. As SEP screening get tighter, consumers will need to be more proactive in acquiring SEP eligibility documents.


ACA and Tax Filing

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Join Us for a Webinar on the ACA and Taxes

In the next two months, consumers may come to you looking for assistance with reconciling their 2015 Marketplace coverage on their tax return. To learn more about the Marketplace and tax filing requirements, please join us and Elise Blasingame from Georgia Watch on our GEAR webinar series titled The ACA and Taxes for Enrollment Assisters on March 1ST at 2:00 PM.



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Tax Filing Forms

Anyone with minimum essential coverage (MEC) in 2015 needs to report their health coverage on their 2015 tax return. Everyone that had coverage in 2015 will receive one of the following forms, depending on where they got their coverage:

1095-A — Marketplace ( coverage

1095-B — Medicaid, Medicare, Peachcare, individual plans outside the marketplace, other coverage through DHHS designated as minimum essential coverage

1095-C — Employer-based coverage

You can learn more about the forms here. You can also find more information in our Health Insurance and Taxes resource.


National Resource Highlight

Special Enrollment Period Announcement – CMS

In February, CMS announced a special enrollment period for those consumers who do not currently have marketplace coverage due to failure to file and reconcile 2015 taxes. This special enrollment period runs from February 1 to March 31, 2016.


New Marketplace Resources

Special Enrollment Periods Webinar

Beyond the Basics

Reporting Health Coverage on IRS Tax Forms
In the Loop

2016 Federal Poverty Guidelines 
Families USA

If you have any resources that you would like to highlight in GEAR, please send them to Pranay.