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Happy OE4!






Happy OE4! The fourth round of Open Enrollment kicked off on Tuesday and we want to hear from you. Did your organization host an event? Was the website working well? Did you see a lot of return customers? Did consumers need to switch plans? Tell us about your first enrollment experience! Send us an email to share how OE4 started off for you!







Stay up to date.

Georgians for a Healthy Future has updated all of our enrollment materials for OE4. So be sure to check out our “Get Insured. Stay Insured.” toolkit for materials to help consumers select a plan that best fits their needs and how to use their health insurance once they’re enrolled. You can find the entire toolkit and stand-alone pieces here.






Updated Fact Sheets from In the Loop

GEAR loves In the Loop! In the Loop is a fantastic resource for enrollment assisters to find answers to their most difficult questions. Just in time for OE4, In the Loop has updated their suite of fact sheets on Advanced Premium Tax Credits, Cost-Sharing Reductions, and Shared Responsibility Payment and Exemptions. These fact sheets are not intended for direct use with consumers, but are a great refresher piece for old and new enrollment assisters. As a reminder, you must be a member of In the loop to access all the great resources. You can sign up here if you’re an enrollment assister. Membership is free.












An Interactive web tool to demonstrate cost comparisons and tradeoffs for people shopping for health insurance
ACA Spotlight/Social Interest SolutionsGet Covered Plan Explorer
Enroll America

Health Insurance User’s Manual
Georgians for a Healthy Future (Not new, but still a great tool for newly enrolled consumers!)