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Cover Georgia is a broad coalition of community stakeholders and advocates from all across our state. We have launched a shared campaign to ensure that all Georgians regardless of income get the health coverage and care they need. We want to expand our state’s Medicaid program to cover low-income Georgians as envisioned by the Affordable Care Act. Health care is critically important to the health of Georgia’s families, communities, and economy. We believe we should work together to expand access to health care for all Georgians, especially those who can least afford it.

The Cover Georgia campaign is fighting for a pathway to health coverage for all Georgians. Please join us in our campaign by sharing your story, calling your elected officials, and speaking out.

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The Health & Economic Livelihood Partnership (HELP) Act
Georgia Pathways to Coverage (“Pathways”) Fact Sheet
Georgia Left Me Out
2020 Annual Report
Getting Georgia Covered
2019 Annual Report
Happening Now: Changes in Health Care for Georgians
1115 waiver process
Prioritizing Consumers in the Patients First Act (SB 106)
A Consumer Health Advocate’s Guide to the 2019 Georgia Legislative Session
What you need to know about waivers and Medicaid expansion
2019 Policy Priorities
Medicaid Matters to Georgia storybook
Getting Georgia Covered
10 Years, 10 Wins
Strategic Plan: 2018-2020
Moms need Medicaid
An Insurance Card for Every Georgian
Collaborating For Consumers: How Assisters and Advocates Can Inform Policy
Getting Georgia Covered
Presentation: What We Can Learn From Consumer and Enrollment Assister Experiences During OE3
Infographic: Closing the coverage gap can help rural communities
Infographic: Rural Georgians in the coverage gap
Changes in Health Care and Policy in the 2016 Georgia Legislative Session
Close the Coverage Gap Postcard — Henry’s Story
Close the Coverage Gap Postcard – Lisa’s Story
Close the Coverage Gap Postcard – Tracy’s Story
For Uninsured Parents
Income Guidelines for Parents, Caregivers, and Kids
Closing Georgia’s coverage gap helps people with behavioral health and substance use disorders
Infographic: Closing the Coverage Gap
Infographic: Why close the coverage gap?
Infographic: Who qualifies for Medicaid?
Infographic: Who is in the coverage gap?
CHAT with Sen. Rhett on Closing the Coverage Gap
What is the Coverage Gap?
2016 Policy Priorities
We Support Closing the Coverage Gap Too!
Close the Coverage Gap: Expand Medicaid
Getting Georgia Covered
Why Closing the Coverage Gap Matters to Georgia’s LGBT Community
Many Working Parents and Families in Georgia Would Benefit from Extending Medicaid Coverage
Percent Insured, 2009 – 2014
Federal Medical Assistance Percentages in Georgia
Who Gets Medicaid in Georgia?
Medicaid and Access to Care
Georgia’s Health Insurance Coverage Gap
Understanding Medicaid in Georgia and the Opportunity to Improve It
Federal Poverty Level by Family Size
Annual Incomes of People in the Coverage Gap
Return on Investment for Medicaid Expansion
Percent of Uninsured Adults Who Could Get Medicaid
Uninsured Veterans Could Gain Coverage
Job Classifications of Georgians in the Coverage Gap
Georgia’s Medicaid Expansion Ledger
The Important Role of Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids
The Medicaid Dollar
Percent Change in Medicaid Enrollment
How Restrictive is Georgia’s Medicaid Program Today?
Demographics of Georgians in the Coverage Gap
Hospitals, Communities, and the Coverage Gap
Current and Expanded Eligibility
Ensuring Health Coverage for all Georgians
Getting Georgia Covered
Georgia’s Coverage Gap
Close the Coverage Gap Postcard
Faces of Advocacy
Comments on the RHSC Recommendations
Health Care Policy and Advocacy in the 2015 Legislative Session
Strengthening Georgia’s Rural Hospitals and Increasing Access to Care
Memo to RHSC Committee Members
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