Deric Gilliard

Deric Gilliard is a career communications professional who is adept at strategic planning and the execution of communication strategies that promote organizational messaging and branding. Key policies issues within his portfolio include the ACA, maternal health, workforce development, HIV/AIDS, SUDS, Medicaid expansion, healthcare access, COVID, diversity and the Cares Act.

Deric is proficient in communicating and working with a broad range of audiences that include intergovernmental, affinity, faith-based, business, tribal and community-based settings. He confidently represented executive management with a broad range of governmental partners and other key non-governmental stakeholders to ensure clear communication of priorities and objectives. Deric’s experience includes 25 years in governmental relations, five years in higher education, 10 years in media and five as an entrepreneur. He also served as HHS representative regarding policy changes and updates for numerous state-wide coalitions.

Deric served as HHS Region IV representative for White House calls with states in 2022.
Also, he served as HHS Regional Director’s representative for Federal Executive Board’s Policy and
Steering Committee for 12 years.

Deric has been married to Rev. Dr. Catherine Gilliard since 1979. They have three adult children, Adam,
Dominique and Veronica, and live in Stone Mountain