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July 2023


On July 30th, Medicaid will celebrate its 58th year!

Georgians for a Healthy Future celebrates the 58th anniversary of¬†Medicaid¬†this Sunday, July 30th! Fifty-eight (58) years ago¬†Medicaid¬†was signed into law and since then has¬†provided affordable health care coverage to low-income children, pregnant people, people with disabilities, and seniors. One of¬†Medicaid’s biggest lifetime achievements has been to narrow racial disparities in health care access all across the country.

This year, Medicaid’s birthday is happening amidst two BIG changes for Georgia’s Medicaid program:

1) Georgia has begun reviewing almost all Medicaid members to see who still qualifies for coverage. The process is off to a rocky start, and almost 100,000 Georgians have lost their Medicaid coverage to date. If you, your children, or other loved ones are covered by Medicaid, stay in charge of your coverage by logging into your Georgia Gateway account and look out for notices from the state about your coverage. If you are not a Medicaid member, help spread the word in your community.

2) Georgia has rolled out a new program for some uninsured low-income adults called¬†Pathways to Coverage.¬†If you or someone you know are currently uninsured, plan to join us for our¬†August 8th¬†FaceBook Live event¬†to learn more about Pathways, whether you may qualify for coverage,¬†and how to apply through¬†Georgia Gateway. (Scroll down to the “Your Guide to Georgia Pathways”¬†section for more information.)

Let’s celebrate Medicaid’s birthday by helping children and families keep their coverage during the Medicaid renewals process, getting as many Georgians as possible newly covered under the Pathways program, and keeping up the calls for Medicaid expansion!



Celebrate with us! 

This year, GHF will celebrate 15 years of reimagining and reshaping Georgia’s health laws!¬†In our first 15 years, we have been privileged to work with Georgians from Albany to Athens, from Ringgold to Brunswick. Alongside these Georgia advocates, GHF has helped realize ideas that once seemed out of reach for our state–financial protections from surprise out-of-network medical bills, the passage of Georgia’s most sweeping mental health bill in recent memory, and expansions of health coverage to children and mothers who would otherwise go uninsured.

RSVP today to celebrate this milestone with us! We look forward to seeing you there.

Tues., September 12th  |  6-8 pm  | Historic Academy of Medicine

Sponsorship opportunities are available!




Learn more about Georgia Pathways during our FaceBook Live event

GHF will host a¬†Facebook Live¬†on¬†Tuesday, August 8th at noon¬†about Georgia’s new Medicaid program,¬†Pathways¬†to Coverage.¬†The program just launched on July 1st.

Pathways may help some uninsured adults enroll in Medicaid coverage if they: 1) are working, going to school, or completing other activities at least part time, and 2) have an income at or below the poverty level.

Tune in LIVE on¬†GHF’s Facebook¬†on August 8th at noon to learn more about Pathways and whether you may¬†qualify!¬†Learn more about Pathways¬†here¬†and apply for coverage¬†here.

Medicaid expansion is still the best option for Georgians

Estimates from the Georgia Department of Community Health suggest that 31,000-100,000 Georgians will gain coverage under the Pathways program. That means that Pathways will leave behind more than 300,000 Georgians who will remain uninsured.

Luckily, Georgia leaders can replace it with a program that covers more people, is simpler, and costs less per person: Medicaid expansion! Too many Georgians have been left without coverage for far too long. Our state leaders must choose the best way forward for our state. Medicaid expansion is the right choice.




















Friday Health Plans are ending July 31st! Switch plans now to avoid a gap in coverage.

Friday Health Plans, an insurance company offering individual health insurance in Georgia, has gone out of business. If you have a Friday plan through, your coverage will end this Monday, 2023 (at the end of the day).

Friday plan members now qualify for a special enrollment period (SEP) so that you can choose a new plan before your coverage ends. You should select a new plan in the next four days (before July 31st) to avoid a gap in coverage. If you miss that deadline, you can still enroll in a new plan through September 29th.

The Georgia Department of Insurance has set up¬†this website¬†to help answer questions for Friday plan members. If you need additional help, please contact one of GHF’s¬†health insurance navigators:
















Share your health care story now! 

Your story matters and we are here to amplify yours. Our fellow Georgians and our lawmakers need to hear about your health challenges and victories.

Experiences like yours let lawmakers know what’s working, and what’s not, in our health care system. Your story shows our leaders why we need to change laws & policies so that health care is more affordable, accessible, and benefits our communities. Let our GHF team work with you to share your health care story.

We’re particularly interested in hearing from you if you are uninsured, enrolled in health insurance through, have or had medical debt, or have Medicaid coverage. We now have a new way to submit your story!

Text in your story?¬†Now you can!¬†Text “MedEx” to “52886”

We welcome all stories, so don’t be shy! Share your story now! Write or record your story here. Story sharers may be paid for their time.


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