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Webinar: A Look Ahead at Health Care Policy in the 2016 Georgia Legislative Session

As we get closer to the end of football season and the Superbowl, Georgia's legislators will reconvene to begin their own sporting event–the 2016 legislative session. Health care is expected to be among the important issues that they tackle, an issue for which legislative inaction can create significant access to care barriers and health-related burdens for Georgians. During this webinar, GHF will provide a "pre-game analysis" by previewing our policy priorities and expected health care legislation. We will make sure you know the rules of the session by going over Georgia's legislative process. Additionally, we will identify how you can get involved and "get on the field" through advocacy and public engagement. Join us for a look ahead at health care policy in the 2016 Georgia legislative session.

Speakers from Georgians for a Healthy Future include:

Meredith Gonsahn, Health Policy Analyst

Laura Colbert, Director of Outreach & Partnerships


Watch the webinar here.

See webinar sides on our Slideshare page.