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Realizing the Promise of Olmstead: A housing study & policy recommendations

Realizing the Promise of Olmstead: A housing study & policy recommendations

May 25, 2023 10:00 AM

Housing is important to the health of Georgians!

When housing is inadequate, it can compound poor health and drive up health costs.

That's why GHF is taking on housing as a health issue.

Housing and health are inextricably linked. For Georgians with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), housing is also an issue of health & well-being, independence, civil rights, & finances. Georgians with IDD deserve decent, safe, integrated, and affordable housing with the necessary supports and services so they can live and contribute to communities of their choice. Unfortunately, for many, housing that meets their needs and preferences is almost impossible to find.

Georgians for a Healthy Future and the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities hosted a virtual event that discussed opportunities to improve access to affordable, accessible housing for Georgians with IDD.

During the event, we presented original research detailing the housing needs and challenges faced by Georgians with IDD and their caregivers. We also discussed policy recommendations to address their housing burdens.

This project was funded by the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities and led by a leadership group of Georgians with IDD and caregivers. The leadership group members are:

● Claire Dees (Atlanta)
● Vimal Isaac (Macon)
● Joanna Jackson (Albany)

● Jordan Hall (Atlanta)
● Derek Heard (Albany)
● Teresa Heard (Albany)
● Jessica Mathis (Savannah)

● Beate Sass (Atlanta)
● Tim Sass (Atlanta)
● Gaylon Tootle (Augusta)

*Gaylon Tootle passed away in the fall of 2022. His presence is deeply missed by all.


Missed the event?

You can re-watch the event here and find the report on our website!

GHF will soon begin our second phase of advocacy in support of healthy housing. Stay tuned to learn more and get involved!