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Track Health Legislation

The 2021 Legislative Session began on January 11, 2021. Below please find a listing of bills that Georgians for a Healthy Future is tracking during this session. New bills will be added as they are introduced. For email updates on how to stay involved sign up for action alerts.

GHF released its 2021 policy priorities at our eleventh annual Health Care Unscrambled event. These annual priorities outline the issues that GHF believes are most pressing for Georgia consumers and are best addressed by the state legislature. 

Georgians for a Healthy Future Legislative Priorities

Sort By: Bill Title Bill Status Bill Status
Mental Health Parity Act; enact HB 49 House Second Readers
Submit state plan amendment to implement express lane enrollment in Medicaid; direct HB 163 Bill Passed
Revenue and taxation; rate of taxation for tobacco and vapor products; revise HB 394 House second readers
Insurance; Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders; update references HB 514 House Insurance Committee Passed
Medical assistance; authorization of appropriations for the purposes of obtaining federal financial participation for medical assistance payments; provisions HB 630 House Second Readers
Georgia All-Payer Claims Database; entities that receive certain tax credits; self-funded, employer sponsored health insurance plans are submitting entities; provide SB 1 Senate Read and Referred
“Ensuring Transparency in Prior Authorization Act”; enact SB 80 Senate Passed
Medical Assistance; authorization of appropriations for the purposes of obtaining federal financial participation for medical assistance payments to providers of Medicaid expansion; provide SB 172 Senate Read and Referred

Legislation we’re watching

Sort By: Bill Title Bill Status Bill Status
Education, Department of; develop guidelines for use of telehealth services in public schools HB 9 House Second Readers
Support for Students Living in Poverty Act; enact HB 10 House Second Readers
Safe Patient Limits Act; enact HB 11 House Second Readers
Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Interstate Compact Act; enact HB 34 Bill Passed
Public buildings; indoor air quality assessments; require HB 36 House Prefiled
Public schools; operational wheelchair onsite at all times; require HB 37 House Prefiled
Individual Short-Term Health Insurance Consumer Protection Act HB 39 House Prefiled
Health Benefit Plan Network Access and Adequacy Act HB 41 House Prefiled
Grant program to encourage certain physicians to practice in underserved areas HB 42 House Prefiled
Penal institutions; policies for breast milk storage and breast feeding; provide “ HB 57 House Second Readers
Georgia Women’s Care Act HB 58 House Prefiled
New Mothers Medicaid Expansion Act HB 72 House Second Readers
Insurance; out-of-pocket costs for consumers requiring insulin; reduce HB 73 House Second Readers
Social services; temporary assistance for needy families; revise definition of cash assistance HB 91 House Second Readers
Health; eliminate duplicative state licensure and regulation of clinical laboratories; provisions HB 93 Bill Passed
Income tax; refundable earned income tax credit; provide credit HB 95 House Second Readers
Provide certain immunities from liability claims regarding COVID-19; extend applicability for one year HB 112 Bill Passed
Prohibit providers from discriminating against potential organ transplant recipients due solely to the physical or mental disability of the potential recipient HB 128 Bill Passed
Public officers and employees; paid parental leave for eligible state employees and eligible local board of education employees; provide HB 146 House Passed
Prescription Drug Consumer Financial Protection Act HB 164 Passed in committee
Course of study in sex education and HIV/AIDS prevention instruction is medically accurate HB 195 House Second Readers
Public assistance; Medicaid Expansion Program; provide establishment Versions HB 209 House Second Readers
Health; order not to resuscitate; revise parental requirement for consent HB 212 Senate Read and Referred
Full practice authority for advance practice registered nurses; provide HB 213 House Second Readers
Social services; individuals to buy-in to Medicaid coverage; allow HB 214 House Second Readers
Social services; use of telehealth options in the Medicaid program; expand HB 215 House Second Readers
Department of; annual quality and payment reporting for health care plans and programs administered; provide HB 217 House Second Readers
General Assembly; pilot program to evaluate whether health notes to assess the potential health impact by proposed legislation should be required by the General Assembly; provide HB 219 House Second Readers
Self-funded Healthcare Plan Opt-in to the Surprise Billing Consumer Protection Act; enact HB 234 Bill Passed
Mental health; Department of Behavioral Health conduct or coordinate all audits of behavioral health providers; provide HB 239 House Second Readers
Professions and businesses; podiatry; amend a provision relating to fingerprint and criminal background checks HB 245 House Passed
The Maternity Supportive Housing Act; enact HB 257 House Second Readers
Health; establish pilot program to conduct a simulated exchange for health care facilities to purchase and sell charity care credits to meet their charity care requirements; provide HB 261 House Second Readers
The Occupational Therapy Licensure Compact Act; enact HB 268 Bill Passed
Community Health, Department of; assess one or more provider matching payments on ambulance services; authorize HB 271 Bill Passed
Education; tobacco and vapor products in course of instruction regarding alcohol and drugs; include HB 287 House Passed
Hospitals and nursing homes; policy during a declared public health emergency that limits patients’ abilities to be visited by designated family members and friends; provisions HB 290 Senate Tabled
Georgia Telehealth Act; revise HB 307 House Passed
Pharmacies; increase pharmacist to pharmacy technician ratio for providing direct supervision at any time HB 316 Bill Passed
Insurance; health care insurers to offer group health benefit plans to state and local governments to insure inmates and certain other persons in police custody; require HB 320 House Second Readers
Insurance; health care insurers to offer group health benefit plans to hospitals to provide health insurance coverage for uninsured hospital patients; require HB 321 House Second Readers
Jarom’s Act; enact HB 346 House Passed
Controlled substances; Schedules I, II, III, IV, and V; change certain provisions HB 367 Bill Passed
Physicians; job description submission to Georgia Composite Medical Board; provisions HB 369 Senate Tabled
Health; term limits for members of joint hospital authorities; provide HB 370 House Passed
Georgia Women’s Care (Child Care Alternatives, Resources, and Education) Act; enact HB 377 Passed in committee
Expanding Medicaid to Improve Health Outcomes for New Mothers Act; enact HB 381 House Second Readers
Positive Alternatives for Pregnancy and Parenting Grant Program; repeal Article HB 382 House Second Readers
Vulnerable Child Protection Act; enact HB 401 House Second Readers
Health; prohibit state or local governments from requiring individuals to submit to vaccinations as a condition to certain actions if the vaccine does not meet certain conditions HB 413 House Second Readers
Professions and businesses; licensure of advanced practice registered nurses; provide HB 430 House Second Readers
Local government; continue certain contracts for health insurance for spouses or dependents of deceased peace officers; require HB 434 House Second Readers
State employees’ health insurance plan; all contracts contain provisions relating to disclosure of cost related data; require HB 447 House Second Readers
Social services; all contracts for health care coverage or services under Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids Program contain provisions relating to disclosure of cost related data; require HB 448 House Second Readers
Low THC Oil Patient Registry; authorize Department of Public Health to release deidentified data to government entities for research HB 450 Senate Read and Referred
Insurance; certain coverage requirements concerning providers that become out-of-network during a plan year; provide HB 454 House Passed
Georgia Composite Medical Board; require certain training relating to sexual misconduct for members HB 458 House Passed
Governor; continued operation of businesses during a public health state of emergency if they comply with certain health and safety measures; provide HB 468 Passed in committee
Controlled substances; provide for concurrent prescribing of an opioid antagonist with opioids under certain circumstances HB 474 House Second Readers
Insurance; require certain insurers to make at least one reasonably priced comprehensive major medical health insurance policy available HB 509 Bill Passed
Insurance; health care services; provide good faith estimates HB 523 House Second Readers
Medical Practice Act of the State of Georgia; institutional licenses; revise provisions HB 539 Senate Lost
Insurance; health care sharing ministries; change a definition HB 552 House Second Readers
Newborn Screening and Genetics Advisory Committee; create HB 567 House Passed
Youth Mental Health Protection Act; enact HB 569 House Second Readers
Law enforcement officers and agencies; mental health operatives; provide training requirements HB 571 House Second Readers
Mental health; grant program to establish assisted outpatient treatment programs; provide HB 590 House Second Readers
Mental health; marriage and family therapists to perform certain acts which physicians and others are authorized to perform; authorize HB 591 House Passed
Torts; gross negligence standard in actions involving COVID-19 liability claims against healthcare facilities, healthcare providers, entities, and individuals; clarify HB 592 House Second Readers
Health; provide for authorized electronic monitoring in long-term care facilities HB 605 House Did Not Pass
Professions and businesses; athletic trainers; revise and update definitions HB 627 House Second Readers
Health; criminal background checks on individuals independently retained to provide personal care services for elderly persons who reside in a personal care home or assisted living facility; provide HB 628 House Second Readers
Health; sale and dispensing of contact lenses; eliminate certain restrictions HB 629 House Second Readers
Health; persons to wear masks, hoods, or other devices to prevent the spread of a contagious or infectious disease during and for 12 months following the conclusion of a public health emergency; authorize HB 637 House Second Readers
Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired Act; enact HB 648 House Second Readers
Health; visitation by essential visitors to patients in hospitals and residents in long-term care facilities; provide HB 649 House Second Readers
Inmate Mental Health Act; enact HB 678 House Second Readers
Narcotic treatment programs; licensing; revise composition of regions HB 690 House Second Readers
Commission for the Blind and the Visually Impaired; create HB 692 House Second Readers
Community Health, Department of; notify the applicable local law enforcement agencies; require HB 695 House Second Readers
Health care data collection; hospitals maintain certain technology; provisions HB 697 Senate Read and Referred
Mental health; authorization of peace officers to take a person to a physician or emergency receiving facility for emergency examination under certain circumstances; provide HB 717 House Second Readers
Georgia Dignity in Pregnancy and Childbirth Act; enact HB 722 House Second Readers
Medicaid; coverage for doula services provided to an expectant mother; provide HB 727 House Second Readers
Health; hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers to utilize surgical smoke evacuation systems during surgical procedures; require HB 731 House Second Readers
Education; wraparound services in the multi-tiered system of supports to be provided prior to expelling or assigning a student in preschool through third grade to out-of-school suspension for more than five consecutive days during a school year; include HB 735 House Second Readers
Social services; temporary assistance for needy families; increase access to benefits HB 741 House Second Readers
Psychiatric Advance Directive Act; enact HB 752 House Second Readers
Insurance; life insurers to provide certain policy information to funeral homes within 24 hours of receipt of the funeral home’s notification of an insured’s death; require HB 779 House Second Readers
Georgia Community Midwife Act; enact HB 806 House Second Readers
Evidence; voluntary open communications related to healthcare; allow HB 807 House Second Readers
Sales and use tax; certain menstrual products; create exemption HB 810 House Second Readers
Prescription Drug Rebate Financial Protection Act; enact HB 823 House Second Readers
Medical assistance; Medicaid coverage for medically necessary donor human milk; provide HB 825 House Second Readers
Joint Study Committee on Childhood Lead Exposure; create HR 52 Bill Passed
Racism; public health crisis in Georgia; declare HR 78 House Second Readers
House Study Committee on Health in Georgia; create HR 131 House Second Readers
House Study Committee on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) to Improve the Health of Women and Children; create HR 146 House Second Readers
Joint Medicaid Sustainability Study Committee; create HR 186 House Second Readers
Medicaid; expansion; urge HR 187 House Second Readers
State Workgroup to Increase Chronic Disease Information and Screenings in Communities of Color; creation; support HR 188 Passed in committee
House Study Committee on the Safe Staffing of Nurses in Georgia; create HR 236 House Second Readers
Drug Abuse Treatment and Education Programs; patient brokering; prohibit; definitions; exceptions; penalties; provide SB 4 Senate Passed
Professions and Businesses; patient protection measures for patients undergoing sedation in certain settings; provide SB 5 Senate Passed
Hospitals and other Health Care Facilities; hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers to utilize surgical smoke evacuation systems during surgical procedures to protect patients and health care workers from the hazards of surgical smoke; require SB 19 Senate Read and Referred
Noncovered Eye Care Services Act SB 43 Passed in committee
“Noncovered Eye Care Services Act”; enact SB 43 Senate Passed
Certain medical personnel to administer vaccines during public health emergencies under certain conditions SB 46 Senate Passed
Program of premium assistance to enable eligible individuals to obtain health care coverage SB 50 Senate Read and Referred
‘Georgia Family Medical Leave Act’; enact SB 55 Senate Read and Referred
Emergency Medical Services; prudent layperson standard is not affected by the final diagnosis given; clarify SB 82 House Withdrawn, Recommitted
Public Assistance; Medicaid public option program to provide healthcare coverage to individuals not eligible for Medicare, Medicaid, or the PeachCare for Kids Program; provide SB 83 Senate Read and Referred
Health; local boards of education to provide feminine hygiene products to students at no charge to the students; require SB 91 Senate Read and Referred
Insurance; diagnostic examinations for breast cancer shall not be treated less favorably than screening examinations for breast cancer with respect to cost-sharing requirements and treatment limitations; provide SB 103 Senate Read and Referred
Commission for the Blind and the Visually Impaired; create SB 108 Senate Read Second Time
Health; licensure and regulation of community midwives; ‘Georgia Community Midwife Act’ SB 111 Senate Read and Referred
Children and Youth Services; registration of maternity supportive house residences to provide housing for pregnant women; provide SB 116 House Second Readers
HIV Tests; modernization of HIV related laws to align with science; provide SB 164 Senate Did Not Pass
Insurance; health benefit policies to provide coverage for expenses incurred in home childbirth; require SB 170 Senate Read and Referred
Insurance; health benefit policies to provide coverage for expenses incurred in home childbirth; require SB 172 Senate Read and Referred
Medicaid Coverage for Lactation and Postpartum Care; Department of Community Health to allow mothers giving birth to retain Medicaid eligibility for one year; require SB 173 Senate Read and Referred
Insurance; out-of-pocket cost of consumers requiring insulin; reduce SB 181 Senate Read and Referred
Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities; fully funded services to individuals on the New Options Waiver (NOW) or Comprehensive Supports Waiver (COMP) waiting list; require SB 208 Senate Read and Referred
Regulation of Hospitals; certified medication aides to administer certain medications to nursing home residents; authorize SB 215 Senate Passed
Offenses Against Public Order; offense of wearing a mask, hood, or device which conceals the identity of the wearer; revise SB 235 Senate Passed
County Boards of Health; comprehensive reorganization; provide SB 256 House Reconsidered
Health; pilot program to fund rural birthing centers associated with hospitals with emergency departments; provide SB 270 Senate Read and Referred
Racial Equity and Reconciliation Commission of Georgia; create SB 272 Senate Read and Referred
Education; testing of drinking water in child care learning centers and schools for lead contamination; require SB 288 Senate Read and Referred
COVID-19; include within the meaning of occupational disease for essential workers SB 291 Senate Read and Referred
Family Medical Leave Fund; create SR 42 Senate Read and Referred
Joint PeaceCare Public Option Study Committee; create SR 153 Senate Read and Referred