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Track Health Legislation

The 2024 Legislative Session began on January 8, 2024. Below please find a listing of bills that Georgians for a Healthy Future is tracking during this session. New bills will be added as they are introduced. For email updates on how to stay involved sign up for action alerts.

GHF released its 2024 policy priorities at our thirteenth annual Health Care Unscrambled event. These annual priorities outline the issues that GHF believes are most pressing for Georgia consumers and are best addressed by the state legislature.

Georgians for a Healthy Future Legislative Priorities

Sort By: Bill Title Bill Status Bill Status
Update Practices for Department of Insurance and office of Safety Fire Commissioner HB 984 Awaiting Governor's Signature
Treatment services provided to persons with HIV under Medicaid HB 226 House Withdrawn, Recommitted (03/29/23)
Support Georgia Family Caregivers Act HB 1057 House Second Readers (1/31/2024)
Secretary of state; division director to issue licences in certain instances; authorize HB 1190 Did not pass
Safe at Home Act HB 404 Awaiting Governor's Signature
Reduce loss of Medicaid coverage for migrants caused by discontinuation of Families First Coronavirus Response Act HB 37 House Second Readers - Stalled
Publication of Financial Documents on Hospital Websites SB 505 Awaiting Governor's Signature
Public Officers and employees paid parental leave HB 1010 Awaiting Governor's Signature
Professions and businesses; authority to certain nurses and physician assistants to prescribe Schedule II controlled substances; authorize HB 557 Awaiting Governor's Signature
Professional Counselors Licensing HB 793 Did not pass
Preeclampsia Biomarker Testing HB 1081 House Second Readers (02/01/2024)
Opioid Agonists in Government Buildings HB 1170 Awaiting Governor's Signature
Narcan in Schools SB 395 Awaiting Governor's Signature
Mortgages; senior and disabled persons foreclosure protection fund and project HB 1051 House Second Readers (1/30/2024)
Minimum Wage for Persons with Disabilities HB 1125 Did not pass
Mental Health bill HB 520 Senate Read and Referred (03/06/23)
Medicaid expansion (with coordinating work support program) HB 62 House Second Readers (1/23/23)
Medicaid expansion HB 38 House Second Readers - Stalled
Medicaid expansion SB 17 Senate Read and Referred (1/26/23)
Medicaid expansion SB 24 Senate Read and Referred (1/30/23)
Lowering Prescription Drug Costs for Patients Act HB 343 Senate Read and Referred (03/07/23)
Low Income Housing Tax Credit Revisions HB 1182 Did not pass
Licensing of Qualified Residential Treatment Programs SB 377 Awaiting Governor's Signature
Insurance; prohibits insurers from discriminating against certain healthcare facilities and providers in connection with provider administered drugs HB 924 Did not pass
Hospital Medicaid Financing, extend sunset provision HB 991 Awaiting Governor's Signature
Health; certificate of need; revise HB 1339 Awaiting Governor's Signature
Georgia Tenant Protection and Mediation Act HB 1059 House Second Readers (1/31/2024)
Georgia Commission on Maternal and Infant Health; create HB 1037 Did not pass
Georgia Board of Health Care Workforce; grant program to provide funding to eligible institutions for additional behavioral health workforce training positions; create HB 1077 Did not pass
General Appropriations FY2024-25 HB 916 Awaiting Governor's Signature
Equity Impact Act HB 433 House Second Readers (02/21/23)
EmPATH Georgia Act HB 913 House Second Readers (1/12/2024)
Eliminate Certificate of Need requirements for all health care facilities except certain long-term care facilities and services SB 162 Senate Recommitted (1/08/24)
Department of Community Health to provide children with 12 months of continuous eligibility for Medicaid and the PeachCare for Kids Program HB 428 House Second Readers (02/21/23)
Creation of Georgians with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilties Innovation Commission SB 198 Senate Read and Referred (2/16/23)
Courts; juvenile treatment court divisions; create HB 873 Awaiting Governor's Signature
County Boards of Health; operational policies and procedures of the Department of Public Health apply to local personnel SB 293 Awaiting Governor's Signature
Cost and effects of smoking joint study committee HR 43 House Second Readers (1/30/23)
Changes to the Behavioral Health Coordinating Council HB 1344 Awaiting Governor's Signature
Certificate of Need Requirements in rural counties SB 99 Did not pass
Add to Central Caregiver Registry SB 456 Awaiting Governor's Signature
“Little Budget” HB 915 Effective Date 2/29/2024