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Share Your Story

Why do we need stories?

Your story is powerful! Stories help to put a human face to health care issues in Georgia. When you share your story, you help others understand the issue, its impact on Georgia, and its importance. Your health care story is so valuable because the reader may be your neighbor, friend, someone in your congregation, or your legislator. It may inspire others to share their stories or to become advocates.

What happens when you share your story?

Your story will stay private unless you agree to share it. When you fill out this form, someone from Georgians for a Healthy Future will contact you. We will verify your story and discuss your story sharing options—social media, meeting with your legislator, talking to a local reporter, writing a letter to the editor, and more. You can choose how you would like your story used.

Share Your Story

Mary Hills

Mary cares for her two children and grandchild. Making only $16,000 a year, Mary is unable to afford the medications she needs for her treatable chronic conditions. More than anything, Mary would like health insurance for preventive care. "Poor people can't afford to get sick."

Share Your Story

Valerie Heard

Valerie Heard is a mother and a health care advocate. Medicare allows Valerie to see a doctor because of an eye disease that has left her blind. She's also able to get care for her other chronic diseases. "What human being could not have medical help? It's dire need--life or death."