Georgians for a Healthy Future is frequently cited in news articles about health care issues, ensuring the consumer perspective is heard. Read news stories featuring Georgians for a Healthy Future’s perspective below.


Republicans tout replacement bill for Obamacare, but will it cover more people?

  • by WSAV 3 Savannah

But Cindy Zeldin from Georgians for a Healthy Future doesn’t think that tax credits will be as effective in terms of helping people buy insurance. She’s doubtful a promise from President Trump and some republicans to offer better coverage to more people can be achieved.

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Georgia insurance chief urges loosening of ACA rules on agents’ commissions

  • by Andy Miller
  • Georgia Health News

Zeldin said that amid the high-stakes policy conversations in Congress, “health care consumers are worried about losing their coverage and many of their health care rights and protections. State and federal policymakers should be looking out first and foremost for the needs of consumers, not the insurance industry, which surely can represent itself in the policymaking process.”

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‘Save My Care’ Bus Stops In Atlanta To Support Obamacare

  • by WABE

“Repealing this law would really destabilize the market and it would throw the health system into chaos,” said Cindy Zeldin, who leads the group Georgians for A Healthy Future. “And the result of that would be more people losing coverage than had even gained it…”

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Better Georgia Podcast: Episode 30

  • by Louis Elrod
  • Better Georgia

Today on the show we’re talking to Laura Colbert from Georgians for a Healthy Future about the latest healthcare issues in our state.

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Obamacare Enrollment Down Sharply in Georgia

  • by Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Are there improvements that could be made to the health law? Sure, Zeldin said. High deductibles, narrow networks of doctors and other issues are concerns, but those can be fixed within the law’s current framework, she said…

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Exchange sign-ups down from 2016 as White House ends ACA backing

  • by Georgia Health News

“Outreach matters,’’ said Cindy Zeldin of the consumer group Georgians for a Healthy Future. “Enrollment was very strong until the tail end, when the public awareness ads were largely pulled…

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Foes of big government target Georgia ‘bed tax’ that brings in millions for hospitals

  • by Max Blau
  • STAT

Losing the bed tax “would be devastating for hospitals,” said Cindy Zeldin, executive director of the consumer advocacy group Georgians for a Healthy Future. “It would hurt hospitals’ ability to deliver care, and particularly harm ones that serve high Medicaid and uninsured populations.”

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A Look Back at Georgia Politics in 2016

  • by Georgia Report

Lastly, we should all say thanks to the many non-profit organizations that speak up at the capitol for good causes: family advocacy groups like Georgians for a Healthy Future and Voices for Georgia’s Children, along with entities like Georgia Watch and the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy that try to protect citizens from the negative impacts of corporate greed. They all do their part.

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Signing up for Obamacare in a Time of Change

  • by Georgia Public Broadcasting

“There’s this big question mark hanging over the entire framework of health insurance for many consumers all across the country with the conversations in Washington about potentially repealing the Affordable Care Act without really communicating what a replacement would be,” said Cindy Zeldin,  executive director of the Atlanta-based Georgians for a Healthy Future, a consumer advocacy group.

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With its future cloudy, ACA continues to draw rising enrollment

  • by Georgia Health News

“[Georgians] have responded by enrolling themselves and their families in health insurance because it meets a basic need for financial protection and access to the health care system. That need isn’t going to go away.’’

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