Georgians for a Healthy Future is frequently cited in news articles about health care issues, ensuring the consumer perspective is heard. Read news stories featuring Georgians for a Healthy Future’s perspective below.


More insured people stuck with inadequate coverage, report says

  • by Andy Miller
  • Georgia Health News

“This trend is concerning for Georgia consumers no matter how they get their health insurance and confirms the anecdotal reports we have received from consumers across the state,’’ said Laura Colbert, executive director of consumer group Georgians for a Healthy Future, when asked about the Commonwealth Fund’s findings.

“We have increasingly heard from Georgians that they are shouldering a larger and larger share of the costs of their coverage, and that this shift is impacting their wallets and their health care.”

Insurers and employers are shifting costs to consumers as a way to manage their own growing health care costs, and consumers are feeling the squeeze, Colbert said. “Consumers will not feel much relief until the high costs of health care are addressed in a real way that moves our health care system to one that rewards value.”

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Health insurance hikes could exceed 50 percent

  • by Jill Nolin
  • Dalton Daily Citizen

About 42,000 of the nearly half million people enrolled under the Affordable Care Act in Georgia will likely be affected, according to Georgians for a Healthy Future, a patient advocacy group.

These are consumers who have purchased health care plans on the state’s federally run marketplace but who don’t qualify for aid.

“They’re going to be the people who really feel the brunt of this decision,” said Laura Colbert, the group’s executive director.

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Executive order on healthcare threatens coverage for families and the sick

  • by Aiyana Cristal

But Georgians for a Healthy Future says this decision is going to really affect the middle class.

“This decision isn’t really helpful for anyone, really it’s going to drive premium ups. It’s going to cost the federal government more, insurers may leave the marketplace and consumers are going to be left without choices.”

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Transgender Georgians face myriad of healthcare challenges

  • by Regina Willis
  • Project Q

“A lot of transgender Georgians are, when they seek healthcare they are getting medically and culturally incompetent care,” said Laura Colbert, a cisgender woman and executive director at Georgians for a Healthy Future.

“So they are seeing doctors who are pushing their religious view, who are questioning their need to transition, who are, you know, referring to them by the wrong pronoun or their legal name rather than their preferred name,” Colbert added.

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Safety Net Planning Council receives Community Impact Award

  • by Savannah Morning News
  • Savannah Morning News

The Chatham County Safety Net Planning Council has been named as recipient of the 2017 Community Impact Award by Georgians for a Healthy Future, an organization dedicated to increasing access to quality affordable healthcare for all Georgians. The Community Impact Award is presented to an individual or organization whose work directly improves the health of Georgians in and around their community.

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Georgians weary of failed Obamacare repeal but want health care action

  • by Ariel Hart
  • Atlanta Journal Constitution

Laura Colbert, the director of Georgians for a Healthy Future, said the patient advocacy organization was “cautiously optimistic” about the road ahead. “But we won’t be surprised if we see further threats to consumers health care,” she said. “I also hope our elected officials learned some lessons from this process.”

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Advocates: Transgender patients face barriers to healthcare

  • by Ariel Hart
  • Atlanta Journal Constitution

The report notes that federal rules prohibit discrimination against transgender patients, and it was written as the White House considers changing that rule. The groups that produced the study, Georgians for a Healthy Future, Georgia Equality and The Health Initiative, oppose such a change. They also support educating health care workers on transgender patients.

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Progressive groups release ‘Voices for Equity’ report on transgender access to healthcare

  • by Dallas Duncan
  • Georgia Voice

“The ACA has been successful in opening up health coverage and care to so many Georgians, but this report shows that there is more work to be done,” Laura Colbert, Executive Director of GHF, said in a statement. “Policymakers, advocates and healthcare providers should work with the transgender community to ensure that the barriers identified in this report are addressed.”

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Georgia health care leaders say it’s time to act

  • by Ariel Hart and Tamar Hallerman
  • Atlanta Journal Constitution

“Our elected officials can’t address real issues that people are experiencing in the health care system unless they’re hearing from their constituents. And so people should take the time, write their elected officials and email. What’s working for their health care? What’s not working?

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Georgians hit by Obamacare subsidy uncertainty

  • by Ariel Hart
  • Atlanta Journal Constitution

Laura Colbert, the executive director of the patient-advocacy group Georgians for a Healthy Future, is especially concerned about rural patients.

Ninety percent of Georgia’s Obamacare customers would be protected from the cost hikes by another kind of subsidy that they qualify for, which would fill the gap. However, Colbert added, “many middle- and higher-income people, and families who do not get any help purchasing insurance, would be hit with higher prices.”

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