The 2017 Legislative Session begins on January 9, 2017. Below please find a listing of bills that Georgians for a Healthy Future is tracking during this session. New bills will be added as they are introduced. For email updates on how to stay involved click here.

Georgians for a Healthy Future Legislative Priorities

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Medicaid expansion SB 7 Did not cross over
Expand Medicaid NOW Act HB 188 Did not cross over
“Surprise Billing”; Consumer protections regarding health insurance HB 71 Did not cross over
“Surprise Billing and Consumer Protection Act”; health insurance; provide consumer protections; definitions SB 8 House Second Readers

Legislation we’re watching

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The Pharmacy Patient Fair Practices Act HB 276 Senate Passed/Adopted
Senate Study Committee on Barriers to Georgians’ Access to Adequate Healthcare SR 188 Senate Passed/Adopted
Rural hospital tax credit expansion HB 54 Did not cross over
Renewal of provider fee SB 70 Signed into law
Protection and Guarantee of Service for Health Insurance Consumers Act HB 63 Did not cross over
Protection and Guarantee of Service for Health Insurance Consumers Act HB 64 Senate Read Second Time
Physician Assistants; authority to prescribe hydrocodone compound products; authorize a physician to delegate to a physician assistant SB 125 House Second Readers
Optometrists; permit administration of pharmaceutical agents by injection under certain circumstances HB 36 Did not cross over
Narcotic Treatment Programs Enforcement Act SB 88 House Committee Favorably Reported By Substitute
Mental Health; transport certain mentally ill patients; authorization of emergency medical services personnel SB 40 House Second Readers
Mental Health; emergency examinations of a person for involuntary evaluation SB 11 Did not cross over
Mental Health Treatment Task Force SB 4 House Withdrawn, Recommitted
Medical cannabis; production and sale to certain individuals for medical usage HR 36 Did not cross over
Low THC Oil Patient Registry SB 16 House Second Readers
Joint Study Committee on Reforming HIV Related Criminal Laws HR 240 House Second Readers
Insurance; standalone dental plans; exempt from requirement of printed directories for certain entities HB 262 Senate Read Second Time
Insurance; copayment, coinsurance, or office visit deductible; for services rendered by a physical therapist; prohibit certain insurers from imposing SB 164 House Second Readers
House Study Committee on Health in Georgia HR 468 House Second Readers
Hospital Care for the Indigent; additional reporting requirement for rural hospitals; provide SB 180 House Second Readers
Hearing Aid Coverage for Children Act HB 228 Did not cross over
Governor; negotiate with federal authorities to receive a waiver creating per capita block grant funding for indigent health care HR 182 House Second Readers
Georgia Health Care Transparency Initiative SB 25 Did not cross over
Georgia Family Planning Initiative SB 61 Did not cross over
General Appropriations, State Fiscal Year July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018 HB 44 Senate Transmitted House
Emergency Medical Services; emergency cardiac care centers SB 102 House Passed/Adopted
Drug related objects; employees of harm reduction organizations are not subject to certain offenses HB 161 Did not cross over
Direct Primary Care Act SB 50 House Second Readers
Dental Hygienists; perform certain functions under general supervision; authorize licensed dental hygienists SB 12 House Second Readers
Dental hygienists; perform certain functions under general supervision HB 154 Senate Read and Referred
Controlled substances; Schedules I, II, IV and V; change certain provisions HB 231 Senate Read and Referred
“Jeffrey Dallas Gay, Jr., Act” SB 121 House Second Readers
“Jeffrey Dallas Gay, Jr., Act.”; opioid antagonists SB 81 House Second Readers
‘The Pharmacy Patient Fair Practices Act’ SB 103 House Passed/Adopted
‘Hearing Aid Coverage for Children Act’ SB 206 House Committee Favorably Reported By Substitute
‘Georgia Family Medical Leave Act’ SB 63 Did not cross over